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Welcome to Hawassa City, where . . .
Hotels and Places to stay in Hawassa
Economic Activities in Hawassa :

Hawassa is one of the mast beautiful and rapidly growing cities in Ethiopia. It is found at the heart of the rift valley and enclosed by Lake Hawassa, which is an ideal spot for fishing, boating and bird watching. The city was founded during the period of emperor hailesilase in 1959 G.C and it was named after Lake Hawassa. It is, currently, the head quarter of the Sidama zone administration as well the capital of the southern nation, nationalities and people’s regional state. Hawassa has become the home of over 50 Nationalities’. All are enjoying their own identity, tradition, customs and cultures. It also serves as an excellent base to explore the lower OMO valley of Ethiopia the city has registered a dramatic growth/investment and infrastructures, so that it is favorable to live and visit. Thus, you are invited to come in any of your interest to the wonderful city of rift valley.

Foundation of Hawassa City :

The city was founded in 1959 G.C, during the period of Emperor Hailesilassie. Located at a distance of 275km from Addis Ababa. Absolute location 703 n 38028 e The city is the head quarter of the Sidam zone administration as well the capital of the southern, nation-nation and people�s regional state. Amharic and English are officially used but the locale populations dominantly speak Sidamigna. According to the last year demography studies the number of Resident of Hawassa REACH TO

Experience Hawassa :

“Ethiopia is an amazingly diverse country,” Romme said. “From barren deserts to lush forests and alpine terrain atop the high mountains, the country faces numerous challenges related to land use and climate change. We hope to work side-by-side with our colleagues from Hawassa to better understand the ecological rhythms that are keyed to alternating wet and dry seasons. This will be critical information to help conserve Ethiopia’s native forests, which are shrinking due to land use and climate change.”

Amora Gedel Fish Market :

The place is located at the southern of the lake shore and ideal place for bird watching. Flock of pelican, marabou  stork, pied king fisher, marabou  kingfisher, saddle billed stork, long tiled cormorants, great white egret, Egyptian/Nile goose, block heeded heron hammer cop and spur winged plover  inhibited there just, near to amoral Gedel the hot and colorful fish market is found. It is a place, particularly in the morning, where local people and tourists go to eat raw fish, fried and fish soup well. Getting There; use bajjajs. The transport cost depends on the distance. from pizza, for instance, costs you about 2 birr per person, while form Menaheriya and Arab safer, it Costa about 4 and 3 birr respectively .but, if you are booked on the nearby hotels like, lewi  resort, oasis and lake view hotels, you will find the place after a short walk.