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Paulos Gnogno


Paulos Gnogno was an extraordinary Ethiopian journalist, historian and author who was passionate about informing and educating Ethiopians about a wide range of issues. In a country where good education is the only way out for many, not only did he manage to have a decent life for himself, but also changed the lives of countless Ethiopians for the better only as a 4th grade dropout. It is not known why he left school at a very young age. But what is known is that he was very curious about a lot of things with unique analytical skills and great intuition. Before he died in 1993, he wrote 11 substantial books on Ethiopian history including on the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, on the different emperors of the country and about many more social and cultural issues.


He was very curious about the world outside of Ethiopia, and a good way he chose to educate himself about the world was to teach himself the English language so he could read books and journals written in English. As a result of his extensive reading driven by his enquiring mind, he wrote translation books and journals in the Ethiopian language of Amharic, thereby making many curious Ethiopians like him understand what the world was like.


He was working on six more books to publish when he passed-away including a compilation of Ethiopian encyclopaedia. Through the books he wrote and the countless expert-like newspaper and radio reports and analysis he presented in his all-round career, he made a lot of Ethiopians aware of diverse, topical and historical issues not only in Ethiopia but also in many different parts of the world. He was not held-up by the fact that he was a 4th grade dropout. Rather he followed his passion through reading, investigating, analysing and explaining situations and events without formal education and qualification.  Paulos Gnogno taught himself and he taught others to the day he departed.