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Burgher Amon Gurgher City Center 0934559477 N/A
Cafe Atote Cafe and Restaurant Atote 0916822824 N/A
Cafe Berzeli Cafe and Restaurant Atote 0935408509 N/A
Cafe Bros Launge Piazza 0912622868 N/A
Cafe Corner Cafe and Juice Atinet Building 0912020713 N/A
Cafe Elento Cafe and Restaurant Sefere Selam 0916684053 N/A
Restaurant Emebet Restaurant Arab Sefer 0932681179 N/A
Cafe Enkutatash Cafe and Restaurant Atote 0913293925 N/A
Restaurant Ermi Fashika Restaurant Arab Sefer 0916104856 N/A
Bars Ermonium Bar and Restaurant Arab Sefer 0926391681 N/A
Cafe Express Cafe Atote 0913075902 N/A
Cafe Fantu Cafe and Restaurant Atote 0911094250 N/A
Cafe Fikir Juice and Vegetables Atote 0916840326 N/A
Cafe Free Zone Cafe and Restaurant Sefere Selam 0912128936 N/A
Cafe Freeland Cafe and Restaurant Aliance Building Hawassa N/A N/A
Juice and Pizza Hanny Juice and Pizza Sefere Selam 0913223908 N/A
Restaurant Italian Restaurant Dolce Vita Zero Amist/ 05 0911433661 N/A
Local Coffee King Local Coffee House Logita 0916363154 N/A
Cafe Lila Cafe Atote 0925625051 N/A
Cafe Lina Cafe and REstaurant Atote 0916825200 N/A
Cafe Logita Cafe and Restaurant Sefere Selam 0916782377 N/A
Bars Luwa Bar and Restaurant Piazza City Center N/A N/A
restaurant Meron Cafe and Restaurant Atote 0911883624 N/A
restaurant Mesob Restaurant Sefere Selam 0916825950 N/A
Liquor Nan Liquor House Logita 0916045412 N/A
Cafe Patrida Cafe and Restaurant Atote 0916827575 N/A
Cafe Selam Cafe Piazza 0462205817 N/A
Cafe Sidam Wubet Cafe and Restaurant Atote 0911762722 N/A
Cafe Tederaje Betegbar Cafe Arab Sefer 0916968514 N/A
Cafe Tenbite Juice and Pizza Atote Cherinet Building 0921500303 N/A
Cafe Time Cafe Piazza 0911040000 N/A
Cafe Woldeamanuel Cafe and REstaurant Woldeamanuel 0911093645 N/A
Bars Wolisa Bar and Restaurant Sefere Selam N/A N/A
Bars Yaye Grocery Atote 0932188140 N/A
Cafe Ybelete Cafe Atinet Building 0925982656 N/A
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