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Pension A. Amen Pension Arab Sefer 09402278576 N/A
Pension Abel Pension Atote 0912096556 N/A
Pension Abigel Pension Piazza on the way to Arab Sefer 0462202396 N/A
Pension Addis Tsega Pension Atote 0926159408 N/A
Pension Ajuuja Pension Logita 0911836298 N/A
Pension Atinet Pension St Gabriel Area 0462201686 N/A
Hotels Beshu Hotel : Sidama Cultural Foods Meneharia N/A N/A
Hotels Blue Nile Hotel Menehariya N/A N/A
Hotels Central Hotel Hawassa 05 area 0462202026 www.hawassacentralhotel.com
Hotels Dahilak Hotel Piazza N/A N/A
Hotels Evenning Star Hotel St Gabriel Area N/A N/A
Hotels Eyerusalem Hotel Arab Sefer - N/A
Hotels Felekech Hotel Arab Sefer 0462200558 N/A
Hotels Gebrekiristos Hotel Arab Sefer 0462202780 N/A
Pension Green Bird Pension Piazza 0462207273 N/A
Hotels Hawassa Kokeb Hotel Piazza 0462200216 N/A
Hotels Hawassa Lake View Hotel 05 0916828282 N/A
Hotels Hawassa University Teaching Hotel Main Campus Area N/A N/A
Hotels Ker-Awud International Hotel Piazza - www.kerawudinternationalhotel.com
Resorts Lewi Reosrts Near Lake Hawassa N/A www.lewiresorts.com
Hotels Menehariya Lewi Hotel N/A N/A www.lewiresorts.com
Pension Meron Pension Logita 0462201542 N/A
Pension Merut Pension Piazza 0462201552 N/A
Hotels Midregenet Hotel Arab Sefer - N/A
Hotels Piazza Lewi Hotel Piazza N/A http://www.lewiresort.com/
Pension Samri Pension Logita 0462203484 N/A
Pension Selam Pension Sefere Selam 0462212973 N/A
Hotels Serawit Hotel Piazza 0934737713 N/A
Hotels Sidama Traditional Foods: Beshu Hotel Menehariya N/A N/A
Hotels South Spring Hotel Near Tikur Wuha N/A N/A
Hotels Yamare Hotel Piazza 046221017778 N/A
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