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Mobile Ab mobile and Electronics Piazza 0916824128 N/A
Mobile Abdi Mobile and Electronics Piazza 0916141414 N/A
Electronics AC Electric Materials Shop Arab Sefer 0911798636 N/A
Electronics Arsema Electrical Materials SHop Atote 0916823770 N/A
Electronics Bama Electrical Materials Shop Atinet Building 0913466071 N/A
Electronics Birhan Electronics Piazza 0913190202 N/A
Electronics Care Electronics Piazza N/A N/A
Mobile Cybertech Mobile Maintenance Piazza 0912131127 N/A
Mobile Dan Mobile Piazza 0916581444 N/A
Electronics Eden Mobile and Electronics Sefere Selam 0911760235 N/A
Electronics Electrical Solution Atote 0912052651 N/A
Electronics Elias Electronics Arab Sefer 0911799149 N/A
Electrical Appliances Eyasu General Electronics Maintenance Arab Sefer 0911916183 N/A
Electronics Fre Mobile Accessories and Maintenance Sefere Selam 0916735106 N/A
Accountancy Fretesh Mobile and Electronics Sefere Selam 0911703350 N/A
Electronics Fuya Mobile Maintenance Atote 0916315842 N/A
Electrical Appliances Gech Electrical Appliances Sefere Selam 0911155737 N/A
Electronics Gentle Mobile and Electronics Atote 0913075552 N/A
Mobile Hahu Mobile Accessory Sefere Selam 0925286612 N/A
Mobile Halo Mobile and Electronics Piazza 0916824586 N/A
Mobile Hiwot Mobile Piazza 0911554136 N/A
Electronics John Electronics Piazza 0912000750 N/A
Electronics John Mobile and Electronics Sefere Selam 0912226239 N/A
Electronics Kana General Electronics Piazza Aliance Building 0916236363 N/A
Mobile Kas Mobile and Internet Logita 0913379142 N/A
Electronics Kedir Mobile Center and Maintenance Sefere Selam 0916033964 N/A
Electronics Lenbo Electric Materials Shop Atote 0911647047 N/A
Electronics Light Mobile and Electronics Atote 0916040871 N
Mobile Megenagna Mobile Accessories Shop Atote 0932555657 N/A
Electronics Mesh Electric Materials Shop Arab Sefer 0916026580 N/A
Electronics Mesh Electric Shop Atote 0911741226 N/A
Electronics Metasebia Electronics Sefere Selam 0921452888 N/A
Mobile Micky Mobile Maintenance Logita 0916152505 N/A
Electronics Mimi Electronics Atote 0912519168 N
Mobile Moges Mobile Maintenance Arab Sefer 0916133700 N/A
Mobile Moshe mobile Maintenance Piazza 0916822900 N/A
Electronics Nice General Electronics Logita 0913874414 N/A
Electronics Rehobot Electronic Arab Sefer 0911739149 N/A
Electronics Sadir Eectrical Atote 0911908215 N/A
Electronics Sara Light Sefere Selam 0913556211 N/A
Electronics Seife Belachew Electronics St Gabriel Area 09462205289 N/A
Mobile Sis Mobile Sefere Selam 0912002911 N/A
Electronics Solomon General Electric Works Piazza Hussien Marketing Center 0916822661 N/A
Mobile Solomon Mobile Maintenance Piazza 0911959991 N/A
Electronics SS Electrical Items Importer Wolde Amanuel 0925603674 N/A
Electronics St Gabriel General Electronics Piazza Aliance Building 0912755535 N/A
Electronics Star Light Sefere Selam 0916581765 N/A
Electronics Tadesse General Electric materials Atote 0911553740 N/A
Mobile Tewodros Mobile Maintenance Piazza 0910797754 N/A
Electronics Tinsae General Trading Sefere Selam 0930069484 N/A
Electronics Tolina Electronics St Gabriel Area 0930699460 N/A
Electronics Toshiba Electric Materials Shop Arab Sefer 0916822747 N/A
Mobile Trim Mobile and Electronics Sefere Selam 091173002 N/A
Mobile Umer Mobile and Electronics Arab Sefer 0911667306 N/A
Electronics Yota General Trading Sefere Selam 0916868335 N/A
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