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Job Type:International NGO


Fields of Education: MD with masters in public health or social studies or management or equivalent field


Organization: Ethiopian Medical Association


Salary : as per scale of EMD




Application Dead line:2016-03-19


 II. Mission statement

CPD and Research Department is expected to contribute to the quality of health care by increasing access to standardized CPD and conduct/ facilitate operational research to equip physicians and other health care professionals with state of the art competencies and promote evidence based medical practice.

III. Job summary

CPD and research manager will coordinate the overall CPD and research endeavor of the organization. He/she will garner resources to sustain CPD program and conduct/facilitate operational  research. In addition, he/she will conduct CPD need assessment, coordinate and provide course writing trainings, review CPD courses, communicate with donors, and represent the association in different working groups

IV. Essential duties and responsibilities

1. Assessment of education needs

  • Identify and define CPD needs of physicians
  • Review and approve submitted CPD Programs

2. Organize the preparation of CPD courses 

  • Based on the need assessment, organize instructional design trainings and lead th course preparation in collaboration with EMA members and other professional associations
  • Review the prepared course and avail to physicians
  • Conduct other related and supportive trainings like CPD facilitation

3. Marketing and promotion of CPD programs

  • In collaboration with of other staff, design and distribute promotional announcement for each CPD courses
  • In collaboration with other departments, participate in member recruitment, and image building of the organization

4. Administrative management of CPD and Research Program

  • Provide on site support for CPD program including attendance, the distribution and collection of evaluation feedback, and commercial support acknowledgement
  • In collaboration with other staff, develop and maintain a file for each program offered during the current accreditation term 
  • Lead the health professional learning platform and implement the strategic plan developed by the committee
  • Provide technical support and engage in technical working groups regarding CPD, medical education and research
  • Prepare and review the necessary documents which are important for the project activities
  • Arrange for HPA learning platform committee meetings and take minutes
  • Lead the CPD accreditation process of the association: organize with the CPD accreditation process; complete the application in concert with the national CPD accreditation guideline and, review program files
  • Represent EMA at the national CPD Accreditation committee, Ethiopian Science and Technology Minster and other relevant and necessary committees as well
  • Work closely with EMA regional chapter offices to conduct CPD, recruit members, and any other activities
  • Conduct/coordinate research capacity programs, operational researches, and any other activities related to research

5. Monitoring an Evaluation of CPD and Research project activities 

  •  In collaboration with M and E officer, design the evaluation tool for each program
  • Monitor the project activities and in collaboration with M & E officer, write and submit reports to ED and donors
  • Prepare qualitative and quantitative quarterly, end of year and other progress reports of CPD project of EMA

6. Mobilize resources to support the association 

  • Search for sources of resources and write the necessary documents to garner the resources
  • Prepare research protocols and project proposals, and submit for grants
  • Communicate with potential donors and sponsors to finance the CPD activities of the association
  • Solicit funds to conduct research; either as a source of resource for the organization or to advance new knowledge.

7. Engage in the annual medical conference activities of the association

  •   Mobilize resources for the annul medical conference
  • Harmonize the project activities and the annual medical conference to maximum possible
  • Take any responsibility be given related to annual medical conference organizations

8. Engage in any other activities the organization assigns you

v. Minimum essential core competency

1. General /organizational

  • Communication : Balancing  listening and talking, speaking and writing clearly and accurately, influencing others, keeping others informed
  • Collegiality : Being helpful, respectful, approachable and team oriented, building strong working relationships and a positive work environment 
  • Initiative: Taking ownership of our work, doing what is needed without being asked, following through
  • Efficiency : Planning a head, managing time well, being on time, being cost conscious, thinking of better ways to do things
  • Coach cost conscious, thinking of better ways to do things embracing continuous improvement
  • People management (for those with direct reports): Setting clear expectations, reviewing progress, providing feedback and guidance, holding people accountable

2. Functional

  • Instructional design skill: can analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate CPD courses
  • CPD facilitation skill: can conduct CPD facilitation or Effective teaching skill training
  • Demonstrable skill to conduct need assessment, operational research, and write project proposals
  • Demonstrable skill to write reports
  • Demonstrable knowledge and skill in using SPSS, STATA and Ms word, Excel, and Access

VI. Qualification and experience 

  • MD with 6 years of relevant experience
  • MD with masters in public health or social studies or management or equivalent field with minimum of 4 years of related experience in the field of study.
  • Previous Experience in similar USAID project is a plus
  • Active member of Ethiopian Medical Association  has added advantage
  • Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply

Interested and qualified applicants are advised to send via email or submit in person their CV and a copy of all relevant documents with covering letter to the following address within 10 working days from the day  of this announcement


EMA, Roosevelt street, in front of African Union Main gate

Tel: 011 552 1776 , Email:

Addis Ababa















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Organization Catagories




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