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Job Type:Health Facility / Hospital


Fields of Education: Master’s degree in public health and a professional background in clinical Nursing /public Health are required.


Organization: St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC)


Salary : negotiable




Application Dead line:2016-04-21


Job Description

Supervisor:-SPHMMC vice-provost for medical services

Supervises:-Coordinator, manager, Technical staff, Department Head and admin assistant, Data Manager, Logistics assistant, and Operation staff, and consultant,

Employment type:-Full time

Contract duration:-Two years with possible extension and performance based renewal every six months.


St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC) is a Medical school based inside a referral hospital in Addis Ababa under the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH); it is the third largest public hospital in the nation, was founded during the time of Emperor Haile Selassie with the help of the German Evangelical Church. The hospital was established to serve economically under privileged population, providing services free of charge to about 75% of its patients.

SPHMMC houses twenty separate departments. It provides services for 250,000 clients every year. The hospital is staffed with over 1800 technical and support staff including 76 specialist and subspecialist professionals, 61 general physicians, plus nurses and other health science professionals.

Medical education programs at SPHMMC were launched in 2006. SPHMMC currently enrolls a total of 755 medical students in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education programs and offers specialty trainings in obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics, with subspecialty training in maternal Fetal Medicine.

Vision and Mission

SPHMMC works with a vision to be a center of excellence in medical service and medical education in Ethiopia, and its core services include the provision of medical care, teaching and research. In planning for distinguished service and academic advancement, SPHMMC endeavors to expand its services and strengthen academic initiatives. It has a mission to provide quality and affordable curative, rehabilitative, preventive and promoting health care services and train competent, compassionate and ethical health professional using integrated and quality medical education and perform need based research.

Summary of major responsibilities:

The Hospital program Director is responsible to manages an coordinates all the resources in efficient and effective ways and to implement the activities in the newly open Hospital at Kotebe Addis Ababa under SPHMMC. Ensure the efficient and effective planning and utilization of the newly open hospital in order to achieve the program goals. This entails the management of human resources, supplies, and physical and capital assets, arrangement of the hospital statured in standard and sound way. She /he is responsible for developing hospital annual work and budget plan of the hospital and coordinating the smooth annual work and budget plan of the hospital and coordinating the smooth implementation and monitoring of activities. The hospital operational director represents SPHMMC and gives on-site operational leadership. He/She will have the authority to act on behalf of the SPHMMC operations administration. Program director must act independently to provide management, Give direction, and make timely decisions that the impact of the overall hospital health care performance.

Ensure timely and effective communication with SPHMMC team and collaboration among departments, and provide operational oversight throughout the Hospital. He/She will be liaison to patients, families, health system employees, partners/donor and external partner.

All of the above should be done in consultation and communication, as appropriate, with SPHMMC vice provost for medical services.

Job Description

Health Program director providing overall direction and management for the new hospital services across the Department at facility / organizational levels, developing, implementing and monitoring procedures, policies and standards for PHC, curative and, rehabilitation and research, allied health and administrative staff, coordinating.

Leadership and Management

  • Articulates SPHMMC vision, mission and strategies to the key partners and stakeholders in view of fully organized, structured, established and functional of the hospital health services.
  • Directing, co-coordinating and administering medical and non-medical resources, facilities and services
  • Ensures the development of key leadership, management, financial and administrative skills of direct reports to increase their capacity to develop and undertake major initiatives and assume larger responsibilities to further expand program/project impact and sustainability.
  • Directs and administers the Hospital activities of the overall in accordance with instructions and plans developed by the SPHMMC leadership.
  • In collaboration with the SPHMMC vice-Provost for Medical services, identity staff capacities for professional development
  • Ensure availability of program commodities, supplies, guidelines, standards and job aids to support hospital program implementation.
  • Regularly assess the adequacy of logistics and supplies at all hospital department to ensure uninterrupted health services.
  • Serve as primary liaison of hospital all key partners and capable of working with diverse groups, such as SPHMMC leadership and staff, government officials, donors, patients and families.
  • Work jointly with the senior SPHMMC team and hospital Department / unit to coordinate planning and scheduling of activities with the relevant technical team leaders and technical advisors and ensure that logistical support is available for the smooth implementation of hospital activities.
  • Inform the SPHMMC leadership in a timely manner of any issues of concern or risks that affect the program implementation of the hospital health care service provision
  • Effectively managing designated projects and areas of responsibility through personal input and effective management of others
  • Liaising and negotiating with medical and non-medical staff internally

Planning and implementation and evaluation

  • Ensure the efficient planning and utilization of all hospital resources in order to achieve the program goals. This entails the management of human resources, supplies, and physical and capital assets.
  • Plan and conduct with systematic assessment and monitoring of hospital staff capacity, performance with the purpose of identifying and prioritizing the capacity building needs
  • Develop annual work and budget plan of the hospital and submit it to SPHMMC leadership for approval.
  • Planning and implementing strategic changes to improve service delivery;
  • Advocate for and work towards local ownership and sustainability of hospital based program at all levels of the planning process
  • Actively participate on Development of proposals and resource mobilization for hospital program expansion for donors /partners
  • Strengthen, supports and monitor the development of detailed implementation plans (DIP) of each initiative under the unit, ensuring quality and alignment with the program goals
  • Assure all Hospital Department /Unit activities are integrated and interdepartmental solidarities
  • Communicate the endorsed work plan to all department /unit and staffs; align staff capacities with planned activities
  • Managing the recruitment, selection, appraisal and development of staff;
  • Overseeing the day-to-day management of the hospital organization, a specific unit or a service area;
  • Requesting and facilitating purchasing medical equipment and supplies and organizing stores

Required Education, Training and Experience

This is a senior level managerial and professional position, requiring proven experience in project /program management in governmental and nongovernmental organization, document best practices, Facilitate and organized training, participate in national /regional in different Health program task force meeting, Liaise and Mobilize resources.

Job Requirements skill & knowledge Required

  • Master’s degree in public health and a professional background in clinical Nursing /public Health are required.
  • Minimum of 14 years of experience of work, with extensive and  progressive in PHC and program background
  • Three years working experience in PHC as a medical Director at health center/hospital levels;
  • With 2 years or more working experience in Health program at woreda/Regional Helath office level as head of health services and training Department / or health promotion and disease prevention Department particularly in remote/pastoral area of the country / under MOH
  • At least 4 years progressively experience responsible for Health project /program management and coordination experience in an international NGO.
  • Experience in working with partners (Government MOH, Donors, Teaching /research institutions)
  • Good technical knowledge of primary Health programming and planning experience

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Organization Catagories




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