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Job Type:Government Organization


Fields of Education: MA degree in ecomomics


Organization: The ministry of industry of the federal Democratic republic of Ethiopia


Salary : vary attractive and negotiable




Application Dead line:2016-06-06


The ministry of industry of the federal Democratic republic of Ethiopia wants to recruit the following professionals for the Ethio-sudan special economic zone project on a contractual basis:

  1. Project manager
  2. Project accountant
  3. Project economics
  4. Project Engineer
  5. Executive secretary
  6. Cashier

For all positions

  1. Terms of employment for one year with possibility of extension
  2. Salary – vary attractive and negotiable

All interested applicants who fulfill the required qualifications and experience should submit their application CV and non returnable documents within 15 days from the date of announcement to the following address.

Ministry of Industry

Finance and supplies Directorate

Room No. 203 P.O.Box 6945

Fax 011518253 Tel 0115509271

Addis Ababa



The project economist shall perform the following tasks:


  1. Assist in the preparation of project studies, including pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, market surveys, etc; and identify economic data requirements and devise methods and procedures for obtaining such data for project studies and survey;
  2. Design field surveys using various sampling techniques, process information
  3. Develop, as well as use, various econometric modeling techniques to develop forecasts;
  4. Analyse data to test the effectiveness of policy measures, products or services and advise on the suitability of alternative courses of action and the allocation of scarce resources
  5. Identify all costs and benefits of the various project options, taking into account engineering, environmental, and socioeconomic perspectives of projects
  6. Apply a cost – benefit and /or cost – effectiveness analysis of the project options identified above and prioritize the options;
  7. Conduct economic analysis; evaluate past and present economic issues and trends; write various technical and non-technical repots on economic trends and forecasts to inform project management
  8. Recommend improvements based on the cost –benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis with a view to developing a replicable model for future projects;
  9. Provide economic advice to stakeholders; and
  10. Liaise with other specialists to provide integrated feasibility study report(s)
  11. Analyse the potential job creation of inward investment projects;
  12. Analyse the efficiency of scarce resources in the development of SEZs
  13. Analyse the economic impact of SEZ infrastructure developments;
  14. Prepare briefs for Ministry of Industry officials as may be required
  15. Perform other tasks as may be necessary




MA degree in ecomomics and at least 10 years experience in designing and analyzing development projects, and (iii) relevant work experience in industrial or infrastructure development or similar environments.


Essential skills and ability


  1. Well developed research skills including the ability to extract and analyse relevant data to make sound judgments;
  2. Skill with statistical information;
  3. Excellent written and spoken communication skills to convey complex ideas to people with varying levels of economic expertise
  4. Ability to build productive working relationships and work within a team;
  5. Excellent organizational and time management skills;
  6. Ability to work alone under pressure, often to tight deadlines;
  7. Accuracy and attention to detail
  8. Ability to juggle and prioritise different tasks 






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