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Job Type:International NGO


Fields of Education: MSc/BSc and in Agricultural Economics or related fields


Organization: The Regional Pastoral Livelihood Resilience Project (RPLRP)


Salary : Based on the project payment scale




Application Dead line:2016-03-12




The project back ground

The Regional Pastoral Livelihood Resilience Project (RPLRP) aimed at enhancing resilience to external shocks in the arid and semi-arid communities in Ethiopia, The project development objective (PDO) is regional, based on an agreement reached between IGAD (specifically, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda) and the world Bank.

The Goal of RPLRP is “to enhance livelihood resilience of pastoral and agro-pastoral

Communities in drought –prone areas and improve the capacity of the selected country governments to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency.” The project will contribute to the poverty reduction priorities of the countries as well as the millennium development goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger through the enhancement of livestock and other alternative sources of income. Inorder to address the objectives of the project the following staff recruitment is required.

1. Monitoring and evaluation specialist

Report to: Federal regional pastoral livelihood resilience project coordinator

Job summary

Under the supervision of the federal pastoral livelihood resilience project coordinator, the M&E spcialist will assist in monitoring and evaluating the project’s progress.

Specific Duties and responsibilities

The M & E specialist will have the responsibility to Establish and maintain the RPLRP project’s monitoring and evaluation system at federal, regional, woreda and community levels.

  1. Establish an effective and timely management information system (MIS)
  2. Prepare Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB)
  3. Ensure that indicators of the result –frame work are used to compare program performance each year with the targets set in the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB) for that year.
  4. Periodically monitors and evaluates the progress by visiting project sites from inception to completion of the project
  5. Plan and facilitate support to relevant Ministry/Bureau system development on participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, community based skills and the introduction and use of relevant technologies
  6. Develop standard formats, performance indicators and reporting procedures for monitoring the program at all level
  7. Ensure that data in periodic monitoring and evaluation reports are sex disaggregated for effective analytical assessment of comparative situation of women and men in the project areas
  8. Organizing workshops and seminars on project monitoring and evaluation
  9. Identify data requirements for monitoring the various performance indicators of the project
  10. Internal review and submission of Quarterly progress Reports, Mid-Term Evaluation Report (MTR) and Project Completion Report (PCR) and prepare other necessary updates and reports
  11. Participate in external supervision and evaluation missions of funding and other agencies and facilitate access to M & E data and reports
  12. Prepare evaluation report, covering the short term impact of the program at the end of each year
  13. Prepare an impact assessment report and reports findings
  14. Carry out other related tasks as assigned by the coordinator

Qualification: MSc/BSc and in Agricultural Economics or related fields

Work Experience: Minimum of 6 years  for MSC and 10 years for BSC with relevant experience in related work. Fluency in English language is necessary and Experience in writing reports and in M &E activities, ability to follow deadlines, accuracy and attention to details. The candidate is expected to have good understanding of rural development, with a focus on pastoral development issues, participatory processes and gender issues. It is desirable that the candidate has experience in M &E system design; experience in data processing using computer software applications.

Duty Post

The Monitoring and Evaluation specialist will be stationed at the Federal project Coordination Unit (NPCU) in Addis Ababa with occasional travel to the regions for training, technical assistance, supervision and documentation of program results.

Salary amount: - Based on the project payment scale 




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