Hawassa Commission works

Economic Activities in Hawassa

The major economic activities in Hawassa city are tied to tourism, social services, consumer goods and other related services. The trends in the development of economic activities has been in contineouse change in volume , type and mode of exchange.



 As a major tourist center in the southern part of the country, there are a number of tourists coming to Hawassa as destination or transit to other southern part of the country. According to the statistics of Hawassa city administration, the number of turists who have visited Hawass in 2004(2012/13) was 85,841. However, it is believed to be much more than this number in now days.



The other contributing factors in the city’s socio economic activity are higher institutions.There are more than 20,000 students in Hawassa University and more than 110,000 students in primary, secondary and technical and vocational colleges in Hawassa city.



Consumer Goods and Services

The trends in consumer behavior and tourism have been initiating demand based investments in Hawassa city. Major business related to manufactured goods and services was started by Arabs who emigrated from Dilla who settled around the area Arab Sefer. Now it’s one of the busiest areas in the city.

In Hawassa, Monday and Thursday are major market days where people from rural area and other whole sellers and retailers interact in open market around Haik Dar sub city. There are also a number of whole sellers, building materials shops, transport service providers, machineries and other businesses.

There are two major open markets in Hawassa. These markets are more bussy in Monday and Thursday weekly. These open markets are ideal places to find fresh vegetables, fruites and other agricultural products. The major market around Arab Sefer is highly crowded and visitors need to have guides or some one to assit them in the markets. 



The major investments that have been undertaken in the past years are dominated by hotel and tourism, brewery, soft drinks factory, floor factories and food processing. These investments are contributing towards the shift of Business in Hawassa city from consumer small level sales to whole sale and manufacturing sector development. In former years, most of consumer goods and house hold food items were majorly imported from the nearby areas such as Shashamane. In addition to that heavy investments are contributing to value chain between local producers , markets and final users in the hotel both local and international tourists. Most of the traders in these areas are those who purchase house hold items, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits in relatively lower price. 



Government Undertakings

The major investments by government are dominated by infrastructure development and social services provision. These undertakings in infrastructure development and social services are mapped with the overall socio economic activities that are dominated in the city. These activities have been in progress still recent days expanding the horizon to include natural resource conservation and more peace and security aspects.


Government Roles

The activities made by the city municipality in planting trees and other gardening activities are being taken as a model for other cities in the country. These undertakings are making the city to be more and more attractive and neat from time to time.