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Hawassaonline has an organized and timely information about tourist attraction and tourism facilities in Hawassa and the nearby areas. We regularly update contents to meet the changing trends in tourist facilities and tourists needs. The information included herein also include tourist related information such as accomodation, tourist activities, events in Hawassa, investment and business opportunities , education and other articles that you can use in your personal life or career. 

As tourist or visitor, you can be interested to participate in events, contribute to charitable activities, arts and voluteerism. To serve these needs we are regularly taking feedbacks and accomodate those requests as much as possible.


You can use this website as an all in one tourist information in Hawassa citt to plan ahead your stay or learn more about the city. You can also cintribute by sharing your openions as a guest or professional about the things you experience in Hawassa or other relevant information for users by signing up freely as a member, To learn more about membership please click here.