Hawassa Commission works


Places to Stay

The welcoming services in most accommodation areas in the city are unforgettable to those who have got a chance to visit Hawassa. As a visitor, there are different opportunities of accommodations indifferent parts of the city. You can select any of the following popular packages or you may contact us for further inquiries.


Hotels and Resorts
There are different levels of hotels in Hawassa based on their service delivery standard and services they offer to their guests. Major tourist hotels in Hawassa have major hotel services such as rooms, café and bar, Wi-Fi Internet and  free Satellite TV




Guest Houses.
Guest houses are commonly preferred for economy and availability in most of the time. The Guest houses are commonly preferred by those tourists who need customized services for longer period of time taking in to consideration their budget. These guest houses are commonly found around residential areas of the city with private compound set ups. It is an ideal place to have a vacation keeping the local community culture and taste



Most of the pensions in Hawassa city are single room with accommodation services only unlike hotels and guest houses. In most cases food and other items are not served in pensions. For transit tourists of for those who need to consider budget, pensions are ideal preferences. You can find pensions in almost all sub cities of Hawassa.


Camping around Lake Hawassa, Tabor Hill or Millennium Park is a remarkable adventure in Hawassa city that most local tourists are not accustomed to. However there are many foreign tourists who love coming around Lake Hawassa in different seasons. In this composing area, you can have your own set up in the areas you have preferred accompanied by camp fire and other events you may have with your friends or beloved one.


There is no lodge in Hawassa city. However you can find Lodges in nearby areas which are highly valuable for anyone who loves to stay in the blessings of nature with wild animals around these lodges. The proximity of Hawassa o lodges, adds additional value to maximize their excitement from their visit to Hawassa