Hawassa Commission works


When to Come to Hawassa


Summer season is an ideal tourist visiting season in Hawassa. In summer seasons of Hawassa, the weather condition accompanied by the natural scene of the Lake gives tourists magnificent values.Due to high tourist traffic in Hawassa, it is commonly recommended to have booking in advance for accommodations.



Most hotels and recreation centers in Hawassa are having more preparation for weekend tourists than other days. To have a more value from hotels or other tourist sites you can manage your leisure time in Hawassa around weekends. Even, it will be good idea to pass transit thought Hawassa in weekends if you are in nearby areas of Hawassa.


Business peak times

For business activities; coffee business seasons, mid time fiscal budget years and agricultural products season are more financial feasible seasons of Hawassa.

There are associations and chamber of commerce who are there to assist business activities. These organizations and associations organize trade fairs and other promotion events in Hawassa to facilitate business activities and promote potential business areas and investment sectors. The city administration and regional bureaus are working cooperation with these business communities.



As one of the bigest  education center in the country, Hawassa city has various opportunities for academia. These opportunities in include practical attachments, student exchange programs, researches or tutoring. The major academic season in Ethiopia is between September and June. However, there are also summer and continuous education programs in summer; July and August.