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Events in the City


There are interesting events and celebrations in most weekends of a year. These events could be cultural celebrations, NGO events, conferences, or other public holidays. In Hawassa, Meskel, Ethiopian Epiphany, 

Ramadan and Fiche are the most celebrated carnivals. The cultural dances and dresses do reflect the south color f the country.







There are also weekend events around Lake Hawassa and other hotels that have cultural dance show or events related with south culture in most cases.











Non  governmenal Organizations, Civic Societies or governmental bureaus are  well accustomed to conducting awareness creation or mass mobilization events on Hawassa major roads.







There are also religious conferences and gatherings in Churches, mosque or Meskel square. These social gathering and events are given permits from city administration after all precautions are made regarding security issues or other considerations









Since Hawassa city has foot ball club, Hawassa Kenema Foot Ball Club, foot ball games are also common in Hawassa city stadium. There are also other celebrations in Hawassa regarding sport and culture such as city sport festivals, culture day and regional championships in different sports. You may check our events calendar.