Type: Multiple Items


Organization: CARE Ethiopia

Dead Line: 2016-02-25


Tender Detail:



CARE Ethiopia is looking for qualified biddrs to supply 40 sets of Hand Pump as pr th blow Specification.


Maximum storke length                                          228 mm

Rod type                                                               Galvanized stainless steel

Number of rods:                                                   6 pcs

Rising pipe type                                                    UPVC

Number of rising pipe:                                           6pcs 

Cylinder with foot valve and plunger:                      1 pcs with diameter 63 to 63.3 mm 

UPVC suction pipe:                                                One Pcs pr pump 

Galvanizd pump Head with cover:                           one pcs

Gal. handle wih adjustable T-bar:                            one pcs 

Pump cylinder type:                                                UPVC lined with bronze

Piston /foot valve                                                   Polyacetal

Galvanized pedestal:                                              One set (with four bolts and nuts  fitted with steel                   


Rubber cone:                                                         One pcs

Top sleve                                                               One Pcs

Rubber flapper:                                                       One Pcs

Road hanger and fulcrum pin;                                  One set each    

Road hanger:                                                         One Pcs             

Nylon rope:                                                            One roll (100 meter length) 

2. Additional requirement 

a  Tools

Each pump be supplied with one set of tools required for assembly, routine maintenance and adjustment but not limited to the following   

17 x 19 open end  spanner:                                  2PCs

24 Socket spanner:                                               1 PCs  

Fishing tool:                                                          1 PCs

Brush:                                                                   1Pcs          

b. Spare parts 

Rod centralizer:                                                    6 Pcs

Valve Bobbin:                                                       2 Pcs       

Bush Bearing (inner and outer)                              8 Sets

O-ring                                                                  2 Pcs

Plunger seal (U-seal):                                           2 Pcs

PVC centralizer                                                     6 pcs

250 gm of PVC Glue (Cement solvent)                    2 pcs  per pump 

250 gm of cleaning fluid:                                      1 pcs pr pump

Maintenance and installation manual:                 1 pcs

Conventional lever hand pump completely corrosion resistance and with VLOM characteristics, max stroke length 228 mm, 6pcs of galvanized stainless steel rod and, 6 pcs of PVC rising pipe, G.Steel pump head, pedestal, pump head with cover and handle, 1 pcs of UPVC  pump cylinder, 1pcs of polyacetal piston /foot valve, 2pcs of 17 x 19 open and spanner, 1pcs of 24 closed end spanner, 1 pcs of fising tool, 6 pcs of rod centralizer, 2pcs of 24 closed end spanner, 1 pcs of fising tool, 6 pcs of rod centralizer, 2pcs of O-ring, 2 pcs of plunger seal (U-seal), 6 pcs of PVC centralizer spare parts       


Hence, all interested bidders are invited to submit their quotation in a separate technical and financial sealed envelope along with renewed business license until February 25, 2016 5:00 pm to CARE Ethiopia, procurement Unit (Addis Ababa, 22 Mazoria behind Lex Plaza Building, near Ha’geez Cultural Restaurant)

CARE Ethiopia reserves the right to reject all or part of the bid for further information please contact CARE Ethiopia country office Tel. (+251) 011618394.