Type: Multiple Items


Organization: Wegagen Bank S.C.

Dead Line: 2016-04-16


Tender Detail:


Wegagen Bank S.C.
Invites Eligible and Qualified Bidders for the production and supply of different promotional items for 2009 Ethiopian New year.









Desk calendar

20,000 pcs

Tella = 18x20x7.5cm;


13 sheets, art paper 250 gsm varnished, 25 pages ful-color (Front and Back except the last page)

1,400 card board, covered with dark-blue color as per the sample or “Special Tella”

Double “O” ring-spiral (five stitches on each left and right side) as per the sample 


Packing folder for each Desk calendar

20,000 pcs




Paper type per the sample 


Wall calendar

6000 pcs

55 x 36cm

14(7 sheet)


7 pages full color (front only)

Paper type: 300gsm, Art-Double “O”-ring spiral 


a) Diary Medium

21,000 pcs


Information 20Pages

Note 194 pages

Address 6 pages


Cover: as per the specification supplied by the supplier including the sample (Color to be decided)

Paper type & color: main body cream paper or yellowish

Ribbon fixed (orange color)

Engraved company logo name & year in both sabean script & Arabic numerals   


b) Executive  

250 pcs


Information: 20pages

Note: 194pages

Address: 6pages


The rests as per the Medium Diary specification stated from number 4(a)


c) small size

7,000 pcs


Information 20 pages

Note: 194 pages

Address 6


The rest as per the medium Diary specification stated from Number 4(a)

  1. The bid document shall be obtained commencing march 28,2016 from procurement and property administration at wegagen Bank S.C. Dembel city center Building, Seventh Floor during office hours
  2. Presentation of copy renewed trade license, Tax clearance certificate, TIN certificate, and VAT/TOT Registration certificate is mandatory
  3. The bidders shall produce a bid security of 2% of the total bid amount in the form of CPO or bid bond. The CPO should be prepared in the name “Wegagen Bank S.C
  4. The bidders need to present their financial and technical proposals separeately in wax sealed evelops
  5. Bidders are expected to accompany their bid proposals with high quality samples, which are recently supplied and compatible with the request of Wegagen Bank S.C
  6. Bid documents must be deposited in the tender box prepared for this purpose at Wegagen Bank S.C, procurement and property Administration, during office hours before April 16, 2016 at 12:00 A.M at the place mentioned under no 1 above
  7. Bid opening shall be held in the presence of bidders and /or their legal agents who wish to attend, on April 18, 2016 9:30 A.m at the place mentioned under no 1 above
  8. The winner suppliers shall summit 10% of the award amount in the form of performance Bond Gurantee
  9. Wegagen Bank S.C fully reserve the right to accept or reject the bid either partially or fully as found appropriate
  10. For any inquire, please don’t hesitate to contact procurement and property Administration, on Tel. 011 553 53 42 or 011 552 38 00 (Ext 262)

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