Type: Multiple Items


Organization: The Ethiopian construction project Management institute (ECPMI)

Dead Line: 2016-06-06


Tender Detail:


The Ethiopian construction project Management institute (ECPMI) is an autonomous federal government institution established under the council of Ministers Regulation No. 289/2013 to ensure effective implementation of the country’s short and long term construction programs and projects. This is through building construction project management capacity of stakeholders in the construction sector and there by sustaining the ongoing rapid development of the country’s economy. In light of achieving the aim, the institute had carried out different capacity building activities, trainings workshops to key actors of the sector and will continue to do so in the future. The need to increase the efficiency of the institute in delivering workshops and trainings it needs to purchase the following office furniture and equipments in order to equip the institute with adequate facility.

  • Category I: Managerial Chairs, Expert’s chairs & desk, secretarial table & chair, & Coffee Table
  • Category II: Managements Meeting Hall and Team work facility
  • Category III: Meeting Hall Facility
  • Category IV: BIM Training center facility
  • Category V: Lateral File cabinet (made of metal)
  • Category VI: Office shelf (made of wood)
  • Category VII: Water Filter and Refrigerator
  • Category VIII: Mob squeezer, waste Basket, Dust Spade, Plastic Gaunt, towel, Cloth for cleaner(Abujedy), cloth for inner Dress (Poplin), shirt for Men’s and Women’s
  • Category IX: paper Tray, Scissors, Giant Stapler, Spill Tray, and Pen Tray, staples Remover, Giant puncher 
  • Category X: Mini DVD cassettes, Memory Reader
  • Category XI: Galaxy Tablet, Desk Top Screen Saver, copy holder

Bidders may obtain bid documents within 10 working days from the institute, finance, procurement property administration and General service Directorate, during office hours, from Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 4:30 PM local time starting from the date of this announcement in the news paper. With non returnable fee of ETB 100.00 (one hundred Ethiopian birr only) Bidders are required to:

  • Submit one original and one copy sealed and stamped bid which is valid for 90 calendar day must be delivered to the Address mentioned below on or before 6 June 2016 from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM local time along with 2% of the bid price as bid security in the form of certified payment order (CPO) from legally recognize local or/and international Bank
  • Bidders are required to attach all necessary and valid business legal documents, Business profile, and the certificate of past successful delivered supply from its customer.

Address:-Ethiopian Construction project Management institution (ECPMI)

African Avenue /Bole Road in front of Mega building Hansem Office park: 7th floor

P.O.Box 23650/1000

Phone: (+251 118 27 69 11 or + 251 118 27 69 10)