Type: Cleaning Service


Organization: Abay Insurance S.C

Dead Line: 2016-07-27


Tender Detail:


Abay Insurance S.C. (AISCO) invites qualified and eligible bidders for the supply of cleaning service. The company wants to get all services related to cleaning (i.e cleaning personnel, the cleaning Machineries and equipments an consumable cleaning supplies /Detergents) for head office, Main Branch and life branch. The following are the bid details:

  1. The bidders shall have valid and renewed trade license in providing cleaning service;

  2. The bidders shall attach the copy of valid and renewed trade license in the area, VAT and TIN certificates;

  3. Bidders shall provide Tax clearance letter/ certificate from the Ethiopian Revenue and customs Authority /ERCA/;

  4. Bidders shall collect the Bid document with non returnable birr 30 and can visit our offices for their financial offers;

  5. The bidders shall to provide their financial and technical proposals in one sealed and stamped envelope;

  6. The bidders shall provide a bid security of 2% of the total bid amount of the annual service in the form of CPO in favor of Abay insurance S.C.

  7. Bidders shall submit their bid document at Abay Insurance S.C. Head office, Kazanchis Enat Tower 4th floor, Resource Management Department since June 27, 2016 G.C.;

  8. Bidders are required to submit written testimonies from companies for supply of the required service;

  9. The Last bid proposal submission date shall be on Friday July 08, 2016 G.C up to morning 11:30 a.m;

  10. The Bid will be opened on the same day Friday July 08, 2016 G.C. afternoon 2:30 Pm;

  11. Bidders that do not fulfill the bid requirements will be disqualified;

  12. Abay Insurance S.C. has the right to accept or reject the bid either partly or fully

For further information please contact us via 011 829 1325/ 011 553 58 08 (Ato Ayele) or in person to the above address.