Type: Construction


Organization: Wegagen Bank S.C.

Dead Line: 2016-11-14


Tender Detail:


Wegagen Bank S.C. Invites Eligible and QualifiedBidders for New Head Quarte Building InteriorDesign
Wegagen Bank is building its Headquarters building in the heart ofthe capitalin front of Addis Ababa Stadium.

This 23 story high rise is adorningthe skyline of Addis Ababa with its unique design and granddeur.

Thestructural aspect of the construction of this magnificent building hasbeen carried out with speed and precision while preparations arewell underway to commence the finishing works.

In the meantimethe management of the Bank believe it is time to bring onboard
professional interior designer to carry out the interior designing,installation and consultancy on furnishing works.

Thus, all interested and eligible Architectural/Interior Design firmswhich have at least 5 years of experience in Interior Design consultingservices and have undertaken at least three similar projects areinvited to purchase the ToR prepared to this effect from the Bankand then summit their documents.

Architects/Interior Designers may visit the site/building and mayalso obtain further details from the Bank’s Material Resources &Facilities Management Office, located at Dembel City Center(7thFloor, Head Office), during office hours.

Bid Documents shall be submitted not later than November14, 2016, 5:00 PM to the Bank’s Procurement and PropertyAdministration Office, Wegagen Bank S.C., at Dembel City Center building, Seventh Floor.

Bidders need to present their financial andtechnical proposals separeately in wax sealed envelopes with a bidbond amount of Birr 80,000.00 (Birr Eighty Thousand) in the formof Bank Guarantee or CPO.

The bid document shall be obtainedcommencing October 17, 2016 from the address indicated belowby paying non-refundable fee of Birr 200.00 during office hours.

Thebid opening shall be held in the presence of bidders and/or their legal agents who wish to attend, on November 15, 2016 at 9:30 A.M.

The bid winner shall summit 2% of the award amount in the form ofPerformance Guarantee.
The Director, Material Resources & Facilities Management WegagenBank S.C, 7th Floor, Head Office, Addis Ababa.

Tel. 011-553-53-42/011558-24-09
Wegagen Bank S.C. reserves the right to accept or reject any/all
tender(S)/without assigning any reason whatsoever.
Wegagen Bank S.C