Type: Multiple Items


Organization: The Deutsche Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH

Dead Line: 2016-10-31


Tender Detail:


The Deutsche Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)
is piloting aresults-based financing approach in Ethiopia, implemented by Energising Developmentin Ethiopia (EnDev Ethiopia), for scaling-up the commercialization of improved cookstoves.

The pilot project will be implemented from 2016 to 2018in selected Woredas inOromia and Tigray regions.

The project is already ongoing in five and four woredas in the Tigray and Oromiaregional states, respectively. This second call for proposals is intended to contract additional potential Service Providers(SPs) to cover more woredas in both regions.

This will enable us to contract new SPs for new woredas as well as to contract additionalcompetent and efficient SPs in the woredas where the existing contracted SPs seem towork at slow pace.

Hence, EnDev Ethiopiais looking for SPs interested in becoming a partner for the project implementation.

EnDev Ethiopia is there fore requesting proposals from interested SPs to perform the following tasks in selected woredas ofOromiaRegional States: Marketing, sales and distribution of eligible improved cook stove technologiesin selected Woredas (districts);Facilitating and supporting the installation of the cook stove technologies in the target households as per the required qualities and standards;Providing stove user trainings to households; and Maintaining a database and submitting periodic stove marketing, sales,distribution, and other relevant reports.

The objective of this selection process is to identify the SPs which are most suitableforthe implementation process and show a high level of interest in the RBF programme.

GIZ will enter into afinancin gagreement with the successful SPs that allows for  flexible implementation arrangements.

The SPs will be reimbursed for the costs incurred duringthe implementation of the project, as defined in the agreement between the SPs and
GIZ in the form of a result based incentive. 

This will include inter alia costs for promotionand marketing, loan interests, loading and unloading, warehouse/storage,  transportingthe stoves to rural households, maintenance service for stoves for one year, and a profit.

Although this is not a requirement in the selection process, it is anticipated that the SPswill remain active in this field after the project is completed. As such, SPs showing aclear strategy and desire to continue working in the sector beyond the project period will
receive extra scoring in the proposal evaluation.

The proposal should convey a clear understanding of the process and the activitiesto be carried out as well as a clear budget and underlying dissemination strategiesincluding the geographical (districts, Kebelesetc) coverage for the project. To prepare asuitable project proposal, the SPs should have a clear understanding of the OperationalManual (OM) as it describes the detailed activities and responsibilities.

This OM is a draft document that outlines the procedures of the RBF Programme to guide all stakeholders in the realisation of their role in the project. The OM will be finalised after discussions with the successful SPs as it should be adapted to the structures and requirements of the stakeholders and partners involved in the project.

Qualified SPs include private companies and cooperative societies such as agricultureand energy societies as well as stove producers associations that have establisheddistribution channels and have prior experience in marketing, sales and distribution of energy technologies, agricultural inputs and consumer products.

Interested SPs cancollect the Terms of Reference from the address below.

The applicant can submit multiple options in its response to this RFP.

The RFP process will identify SPs that can offer the greatest geographical outreach, strong managementcapacity and sufficient funding to meet the working capital requirements and lowest
financial offer.

Proposal submission due date:October 31,2016;4:00PM
Submit proposals to:German DevelopmentCooperation
GIZ Office, KirkosKifleKetema– Kebele 18 (Behind
Intercontinental Hotel), PO Box100009,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
For further information, please call:
Tel +251-11 518 0268/+251-11 518 0200