Type: Building Materials


Organization: OMB Construction Share Company

Dead Line: 2016-11-28


Tender Detail:


OMB Construction Share Company invites all interested and 
eligible bidders for the supply of the following construction materials, Steel tube scaffold and steel sheet.

1.Interested Bidders can obtain complete bid documents from the address mentioned below up on payment of non-refundable 200 (two hundred) Birr.

2.Bidders shall deposit or pay 2% bid bond of their offered total price in the form of CPO or bank document.

3.Bidders must submit their offers in wax sealed envelopes for technical and financial offers separately.

4.All bidders requested to have renewed trade license, Tin no, VAT registration certificate and 2008 (current) tax clearance certificate from concerned bodies.

5.The bid closing date shall be November 28, 2016 at 4:00 AM local time. Bid shall be opened on the same date at 4:30 AM local time in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives in our head office Meeting room.

6.OBM Construction Share Company reserves the right to reject any part or all bids.
OBM Construction Share Company N/S/L/Sub city, Lebu around Haile garment on the 3rd
floor of the Building where commercial Bank of Ethiopia kotari branch situated.

Tel. 0118362024,0118362025, 0118362029
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia