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College New Global Vision College Atote 0461100323 N/A
College Hawassa Health Sciences College Maountain Area 0462200348 N/A
College Hawassa Teachers College Alamura 0462202268 N/A
College Infolink Vollege Godguada Sefer 0462206311 N/A
College Central Health Sciences College - 0462207170 N/A
College Pharma Health Sciences College Comboni 0462203391 N/A
College Zion Technology and Business College Atote 0462211310 N/A
College Atlas College Arab Sefer - N/A
Distance Education Admas Distance Education Mountain 0462200749 N/A
Distance Education Alpha Distance Education Maountain Area 0462200823 N/A
Distance Education Ethiopis Distance Education Piazza 0462214147 N/A
Distance Education Mandela Distance Education Meneharia 0462203423 N/A
Distance Education Select Distance Education Meneharia 0935017194 N/A
Education Debub Ethiopia Academy Woldeamanuel N/A N/A
Elementary School St Gabriel School St Gabriel Area 0462212451 N/A
Elementary school Vision Academy Atote 0916606137 N/A
Elementary School Mekaneyesus Elementary ans Secondary School Atote 0462203797 N/A
Training Centers SidamaNet Drivers Training Institution Atote 0916495969 N/A
Training Centers Network Computer Training Center City Center 0916834869 N/A
Training Centers Sara Beuty Training Center Atote 0913581900 N/A
Training Centers Kebron Musical Instruments Training Center Piazza Amin Building 0913521439 N/A
Training Centers Sanford School of English Atote 0911742659 N/A
Training Centers CBC computer Training Center Piazza 0911374096 N/A
Training Centers Eagle Computer Training Center Sefere Selam 0934751293 N/A
Training Centers Debub Drivers Trainng Center Arab Sefer - N/A
University Hawassa University Agriculture College Piazza 0462209676 www.hu.edu.et
University St Mariam Distance University College Arab Sefer 0462200840 N/A
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