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Job Type:Government Organization


Fields of Education: MA/BA in Procurement, Supply Management, Economics, Management or related field,


Organization: Ministry of education


Salary : 11,000.00 Birr Per month




Application Dead line:2016-06-17



Current Educational Quality(MOE) is implementing the General Education Quality Improvement Program phase two (GEQIP-II) Under a sector Wide Approach(SWAP) by the pool funds obtained from the world Bank and other  development partner.

The proposal program will support the implementation of the following six components:

  • Curriculum, Textbooks and Assessment
  • Teacher Development Program(TDP),
  • School Improvement Program(SIP),
  • Management and
  •  Capacity Building including EMIS,
  • Improving  the quality of  Learning and Teaching  through the use of ICT and
  • Program Coordination, M&E and Communication For successful implementation of the program hiring of a national Procurement Specialists becomes unequivocal. The  appointment of the procurement specialists experts will    the smooth start-up

And increase the speed of the project implementation at the Ministry Regional and Universities. 

2. Position two – Procurement Contract Management consultant/one person/

  • Educational Level:- MA/BA in Procurement, Supply Management, Economics, Management or related field,
  • Work Experience:- Minimum of 8 year for MA and 10 years for BA.
  • Salary:- 11,000.00 Birr Per month (Eleven Thousand Ethiopian Birr/ month)
  • Allowance:- 700.00 Birr Transportation allowance per month (Seven Hundred Birr)

  1.       Objective of the TOR

The main objective of the consultancy service is to advise and support the Ministry of Education (MOE) and in Particular the Implementing Agencies:

(b)   Managing and Administration of con


Managing and  Administration of contracts for goods including textbooks, teacher guides and other teaching and learning materials, vehicles and IT equipment  and services including consultancy as part of the General Education Quality Improvement Programmed (GEQIP),

  • Organize and strength the procurement capacity of the MOE in regard to contract management and administration.
  • Initiate Procurement package and speed up closing of procurement contracts under the GEQIP program by providing advisory support in procurement and contract management and assist and advice ministry office on contractual, commercial cases and settlement issues.
  • Review the project Appraisal Document and the Development Financing Agreement for GEQIP II Project. Review the federal public procurement proclamation and directives.
  • Make contact with all executing agencies  and prepare a procurement  plan for the approval of the World Bank  and other  Development  partners as required;
  • Meet with the PCU as well as relevant bodies within the MOE and all the staff involved in procurement. Discuss the provision of the applicable public procurement proclamation and directives as well as the development Financing Agreement for efficient procurement performances.

2. Scope of consulting services

The procurement contract Management Consultant shall perform the following major tasks to fulfill the terms of reference. More specifically, the contracts management consultant will assist in building the capacity of the Ministry  procurement and property  Administration Directorate and other implementing  Agencies (i.e., regional universities and colleges) to manage contracts of all goods and service planned under GEQIP. Specifically the consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Assist the Ministry in Administering, Monitoring and properly recording the implementation of signed contracts.
  • The consultant will support the Ministry in interpreting, identifying, actions for contract follow up checklists.
  • Assess the status of the implementation of all contracts under GEQIP and identify impediments or issues that need action by the contracting parties for quicker delivery of the contracts.
  • Prepare expression of interest and facilitate the short-listing of consultants,
  • Collect requisition and terms of reference; prepare bid documents and requests  for proposals, follow- up bid advertising, issue purchases  orders and follow-up deliveries and receipts,
  • In compliance with World Bank and MOE Procurement procedures and guidelines perform the  procurement processes,
  • Prepare/draft contracts for goods and services/including consultancy services/to be procured based on MOE  tender committee’s recommendations decisions,
  • Assist the Ministry in preparing draft contracts for goods supplies, works and consultancy services contracts with both international and national supplies, consultants and with works contractors based on the contracts forms issued with the bidding document and RFPs.
  • Maintain records and procurement  contract files in a systematic manner,
  • Work  closely with all pertinent authorities for better management  of contracts and provides technical advices on alternate dispute  resolution mechanisms,
  • Resolve disputes amicably through negotiation  and other mechanisms following the procedures as set in the signed contract agreement.
  • Support and guide MOE in dispute resolution and/or Arbitration of contractual issues; and prepare report in that respect and subsequently present the outcome of the resolution.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with the MOE  procurement staffs and procurement, Officer at the World Bank office in Addis Abeba,
  • Advise MOE in preparing contractual correspondences
  • Assist MOE in contract management and follow ups holding periodic progress review meetings with the contractors/suppliers/ publishers/ printers.
  • Update the contract  monitoring  information forms regularly, identify bottlenecks in the processing  of procurement and contract management and assist in resolving the bottlelecks;
  • Provide support to other GEQIP implementing agencies(IA)  as necessary.
  • Maintain a database of domestic and foreign suppliers, transit agents, procurement Specialists, prices, technical  specifications, catalogues  and other information,
  • Coordinate the provision of procurement  training activities for IAS’ and MOE procurement  staff.
  • Report any indication of unethical behavior to the Head of the procurement and property Administration Department,
  • Submit quarterly  progress reports to the all procurement Department Head and
  • Perform other related duties as may be required.


  • Follow-up opening of letter of credits and all required Bank formalities.
  • Follow-up arrival and collection of document from Banks.
  • Follow document to the respective clearing agent.
  • Follow-up clearing and forwarding from port/airports
  • Arrange for the timely inspection of goods by the concerned body.
  • Fulfill Bank’s required formalities.

3. Qualifications and Skill Required

The procurement contract management consultant should possess the following qualification:

  • A first or postgraduate degree or equivalent in procurement Supply Management, Management, Accounting, Economics, Engineering or Development Studies from a recognized university.
  • With a post graduate degree with 10 years’ of work experience in procurement and contract management is required. In both cases relevant experience in the procurement and contract management specially focused on the contract management for procurement of textbooks and teaching material goods and selected of consultancy services is also essential.
  • Proven familiarity with World Bank procurement guidelines and procedures including the World Bank Standard Bidding Documents for procurement of goods, textbooks and teaching material and selection of consulting services.
  • Relevant experience in managing of a contract in government procurement of high – value goods and services.
  • At least/ minimum of 5 years’ of work experience in World Bank funded project. To work at contract management position level is a plus or advantageous.
  • Good understanding of sector development programmers.
  • Strong staff development experience with demonstrable success in building capacity and facilitation change using participatory methodologies.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills combi




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