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Job Type:Government Organization


Fields of Education: MSC/BSc in environmental science, environmental engineering or related field of study.


Organization: SNNPR regional state water & irrigation development bureau


Salary : 11,000 ETH BIRR/month




Application Dead line:2016-06-21


regional state water & irrigation development bureau has invited to recruit one senior environmental expert to perform the relevant services to rural and urban water supply & sanitation project of one WASH national program which is financed by consolidated WASH account (CWA)

Position:-senior environmental expert (one)

The service employ shall perform (scope of activity)

The Wash senior environmental expert will report to the regional program coordination unit and serves as extended arm of the woredas and towns to perform most of the activities in the region providing on job and refresher trainings. The WASH senior environmental expert will be expected to work at the bureau level the following:

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the program within the region.
  • In collaboration with program management unit prepare/update evaluation criteria and evaluation report format
  • Prepare progress report format and follow-up implementation of the same
  • Provide technical support to all program woredas and towns.
  • Works under the regional WASH PCU and reports issues related with social and EIA during project implementation
  • Assesses and uses the EIA tools to evaluate project inception and baseline survey data
  • Liaison with the relevant stakeholders and work for the wellbeing of WASH project being implemented in the region
  • Evaluates and forwards comments on outputs of WASH consultants who are engaged in rural as well as in urban projects  
  • Prepare tools for monitoring and evaluation of socio environmental issues associated with WASH projects.
  • Timely reports to the PCU and makes action on socio environmental issues that required decision making  
  • Assures the social and environmental feasibility of WASH projects.
  • Evaluates the scope of identified environmental impacts associated with WASH project implementation
  • Measures and suggests compensations for the defined environmental impacts based on the banks guidelines.
  • Actively participates in desk as well as fields appraisal of WASH project
  • Evaluates and give suggestion on the environmental mitigation measures that are proposed for several WASH projects under the region.
  • Meet periodically as a group with consults working on developing financial management, procurement and M & E systems and attend formal workshops to ensure coordination and consistency of out puts within the region.
  • Perform other relevant assignment as required by the PCU or the bureau.
  • Place work:-SNNPR water and irrigation development bureau, WASH program management unit, Hawassa

  • Requirements:-

    • Educational background:-MSC/BSc in environmental science, environmental  engineering or related field of study.
    • Required experience:-MSC/BSC -8/10 years of relevant experience
    • Salary:-11,000 ETH BIRR/month
    • Duration:-one years with possible extension
    • Deadline for submission:-within 10 working days from this announcement
    • Address:- SNNPR  regional water and irrigation development bureau building, 4th floor, HR section, in front of Hawassa university (main campus)
    • Interested applicants can submit non-returnable application, CV, educational credentials, justified work experiences and other relevant documents to the a above address during office hours.
    • SNNPR regional state water & irrigation development bureau




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