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Job Type:International NGO


Fields of Education: BA/BSC degree is required in one of the following fields: liberal arts, political science, economics, journalism, commun


Organization: U.S. Embassy


Salary : Starting Salary – 13,748 USD per year




Application Dead line:2016-11-14



OPEN TO:- All Interested Candidates

POSITION:- Information Assistant, FSN-09; FP-5

OPENING DATE:- October 31, 2016

CLOSING DATE:- November 14, 2016

WORK HOURS:- Full time; 40 hours/week

SALARY: Not Ordinarily Resident: FP-5 (Starting salary to be determined by Washington)

Ordinarily Resident (OR): Starting Salary – 13,748 USD per year(Position Grade:  FSN-9)


NOTE:   For ordinarily resident employees, salary will be paid in local    currency using the established exchange rate.

The U.S. Mission Addis Ababa is seeking an individual for the position of Information Assistant in the U.S. Mission to the African Union.


The incumbent works to advance the U.S. Mission to the African Union's (USAU's) public diplomacy engagement with the African Union and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).  The job holder assists the Political/Public Diplomacy Officer and has no supervisory responsibility, but coordinates closely with USAU's Locally Employed Public Diplomacy Assistant. The position includes managing press programs, engaging with multilateral bodies, representation, and developing, designing, and distributing printed and electronic materials that support Mission strategic goals and PAS programs. The job holder serves as the primary local advisor to the Front Office on the press and media environment and consults regularly on strategies to convey USAU’s policies to the public and AU officials through media.  The job holder is responsible for all electronic information programming and is responsible for the maintenance of A/V and photographic equipment. 

A copy of the complete position description listing all duties and responsibilities is available in the Human Resources Office. Contact (251-11-130-60-00, Ext. 6383)


NOTE:  All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.  Supporting documentations (e.g., letters of employment, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above should also be submitted. 

  1. Required Education: BA/BSC degree is required in one of the following fields: liberal arts, political science, economics, journalism, communications, or international relations. Technical training in Adobe Photoshop and In-Design, Web Design, Front Page or any other webpage maker software is required as well as in data processing and graphic design is required.   


  1. Required Experience: Two years’ experience in communications/ media as a journalist, broadcaster, writer, public relations or advertising specialists, or specialized training in press and publications, radio, TV. And must have experience in information/media education, communication/public relations, business administration, social science research, with a combination of prior experience of computer-based graphic design is required.
  2. Language Requirement: Level 4 (fluent) of English is required. (English language proficiency will be tested)
  3. Knowledge: A good working knowledge both of U.S. and PD/PAS programs and their objectives and of host country institutions and key target audiences;  and  working knowledge of data processing hardware and software and of telecommunications procedures. A thorough knowledge of the host country’s media, political, economic, social and education structure: institutions, political parties, and of key figures in the mass media, the professions, military, government labor, and business circles.  Thorough knowledge of Public Affairs information programs, media and public relations techniques, and of U.S. foreign policy concerns. 
  4. Skills and Abilities: Ability to use social media formats for outreach to target audiences.  Typing at 50 WPM which includes speed and accuracy.  Ability to adapt to developments in software and telecommunication links.  Ability to carry out a variety of administration tasks contact management systems and to make suggestions about modifications in the utilization of contact data are required.  (Typing skill will be tested)


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: The complete position description listing all of the duties and responsibilities may be obtained by E-Mail: or by Phone: 251-11-130-60-00 Ext: 6383.


When qualified, applicants who are U.S. Citizen Eligible Family Members (USEFMs) and/or preference-eligible U.S. Veterans are given a preference in hiring.  Therefore, it is essential that these applicants make themselves known as having a hiring preference and specifically address the required qualifications above in their application.


(1)   USEFM who is ALSO a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran

(2)   USEFM OR a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran

(3)   FS on LWOP


1. Management may consider the following when determining successful candidacy: nepotism, conflicts of interest, budget, and residency status.

2. Current OR employees serving a probationary period are not eligible to apply. Current OR employees with an Overall Summary Rating of Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory on their most recent Employee Performance Report (EPR) are not eligible to apply.

3. Current NOR employees hired on a Family Member Appointment (FMA) or a Personal Service Agreement (PSA) are not eligible to apply within the first 90 calendar days of their employment, unless they have a When Actually Employed (WAE) work schedule.

4. The candidate must be able to obtain and hold a security clearance.


 Applicants must submit the following documents to be considered:  

1. Universal Application for Employment (UAE) (Form DS-174), which is available on our website or by contacting Human Resources. (See “For Further Information” above); and

2. Any additional documentation that supports or addresses the requirements listed above (e.g. transcripts, degrees, etc.)

 IMPORTANT: Applicants claiming a U.S. Veterans preference must submit written documentation confirming eligibility (e.g. Member Copy 4 of Form DD-214, letter from the Veteran’s Administration, or certification documenting eligibility under VOW Act with an expected discharge no later than 120 days after the certification is submitted) by the closing date of the vacancy announcement. If the written documentation confirming eligibility is not received in the HR office by the closing date of the vacancy announcement, the U.S. Veteran’s preference will not be considered in the application process. Specific criteria for receiving a U.S. Veteran’s preference may be found in HR/OE’s Family Member Employment Policy (FMEP)



U.S. Embassy

Human Resources Office

P.O. Box: 1014

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Preferred method of sending applications is by email.




Human Resources Office

Telephone: 251-11-130-60-00, Ext. 6383


FAX: 251-11-124-24-03


EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:  The U.S. Mission provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation.  The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.  The EEO complaint procedure is not available to individuals who believe they have been denied equal opportunity based upon marital status or political affiliation.  Individuals with such complaints should avail themselves of the appropriate grievance procedures, remedies for prohibited personnel practices, and/or courts for relief.

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