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Tourist Facilities in Hawassa



Tourist Facilities in the city

Tourism facilities and services are the most important groups of activities that the business and public sectors offer to their visitors. Tourism facilities and services are what make visitors feel welcome well served which includes passenger, transportation, accommodation, catering, entertainment, tour operations and travel agents.

Tourist service delivering institutions and tourism sector are among the development opportunities of the city that look for the participation of potential investors. Many travelers merely pass through the Ethio-Kenyan international road; which links some of the major roads of the southern region together. The high way from Addis Ababa to Arbaminch via Hawassa then to Jinka (South Omo) is known natural scenery endowed with tourist attractions. The main attraction of the region is a string of six lakes stretched along the direction of Hawassa city.

After passing Hawassa, the way to Debub Omo, there is Maze, Mago ,Nachsar and Omo national parks. There is also Arbaminch Crocodile ranch that is being used as tourist attraction center. Besides, Loka Abaya national park, which is located around 50 kilo meters south direction of Hawassa city that has been currently established. The dominating wild animal is mostly wild dog and others.