Hawassa Commission works

Living in Hawassa

Hawassa has been preferred by many people to live due to its suitable weather condition, natural attractions,  business and job opportunity, investment potentials and friendly community. Infrastructures, relatively good schools for children, its centeredness for regional political and socio economic activities and heterogeneity in residents are among the prominent factors making Hawassa an ideal place to live. The cost of houses and other livable goods and services is similar to that of larger cities in the country.




It is also preferred by most national and international tourists from Addis Ababa and abroad to spend the week end and summer with family or with other deeds that requires dedicated effort. The transport system is not crowded with the exception of high traffic areas like Atote and Mobile in Market days and at the beginning and end of business hours. Once can say no traffic congection on Hawassa roads and pollution.


Living  as Employee

It is common to see both foreigners and Ethiopians to walk on main roads and be engaged in different organizations as residents.  There are interesting opportunities to be involved being in Hawassa. These activities could be charitable activities, volunteering, business, arts and music, events in Hawassa, business activities, tutor, sport and various entertainment opportunities.



Living as Business Man

As a business center of South Nations Nationalities and Regional state, the city has various opportunities and potentials for business entrepreneurs. The growing population, income of residents, tourists and other untapped resources are the niches to attract more business men to Hawassa. The blessings of nature and development of Hawassa, addes unique values to live and do business in less stressfull and organized way.


Living as Diaspora

You are welcome by both residents and government to come up wih your experience resources you want to work with. There are also investment and business ivestment by Ethiopian government. It will be wise to consult Ethiopian foreign affairs or embassies.



Living as Foreigner

There are no significance difference between foreigners and Ethiopians as residents of Hawassa city. Costs of living and facilities in the city are preferred than most other cities in Ethiopia, even from other cities. However, there are immigration regulations you need to follow prior to your arrival in Hawassa. For further information please click here.