Hawassa Commission works

Social Services

Social services in Hawassa city have remarkable transformations in the past years. Health, Bank and Insurances, Peace and Security, Education, Transportation and tourism facilities are the major achievements of the city.  The budget allocated for the development of infrastructures by the government has been rising from time to time. The private sector involvement in the development of hotel and tourism, education and health sectors is also taking the lion share in the development of the city.


So long as you are in Hawassa, you will be amazed by the strides in service delivery and standards of tourism services and other social development sectors when compared to other cities in Ethiopia. However, there are limitations in Internet connection speed and accessibility, electric power interruption and water.


It is common to see police officers in most parts of the city, and traffic police officers on main squares of the city. There are also police stations in every sub cities of Hawassa and other security officers. In case you find difficulties in security or other cases you can contact them with the addresses you can find from our online business directory.


The health policy of the country is mainly focused on the prevention strategy. Based on this strategy the health service coverage of the Hawassa City administration is encouragingly increased during the last few years.


In the 2004e.c in the City administration a lot of activities have been done in the area of disease prevention and improving the health service of the community, implementing family health care and controlling the transmitted disease in each house hold level. Improving the total number graduates health professional, implementing the capacity building program and constructing more health institutions in the city administration.


The potential health coverage of the City administration is 70 % in 2004E.c. There are one referral hospital, one district hospitals, three private hospitals, seven health centers, 15 health posts, 47 private clinics, 47 drug stores, 12 diagnostic laboratories and 12 pharmacies in the City administration.