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Best Time to Visit


Seasons Best to Visit Hawassa



There are seasonal weather condition variations in Ethiopia. However Hawassa city is known for its relatively warmer season. In summer (Apr–Sep), the rainfall is not as heavy area Northern or western part and the sandy soil makes the city enjoyable in summer season. Most local visitors from Addis Ababa and other parts of the country are high in summer seasons for Hawassa has more clear sky and moderate weather than other seasons. For International tourists who come here as tourists to Ethiopia, Lonelyplanet.com categorized the following seasons with their respective features.



Hawassa Tourist Holiday Seasons



High Season (Jan–Mar)

  • Expect sunny skies and warm days.
  • These months are good for wildlife watching.
  • Ethiopia’s most colorful festivals, including Timkat and Leddet.


Shoulder Season (Oct–Dec)

  • The country is green, skies are sunny and there are fewer visitors. Trekking during this time is particularly sublime.
  • Good for birding.

Low Season (Apr–Sep)

  • The rainy season in southern Ethiopia and the scorching hot temperatures in the lowlands can make travel difficult.