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First Time in Hawassa

Any new comer to Hawassa will never feel stranger in the streets of Hawassa. There are a number of tourist service providers and people who are there to support you in case you are in need. There are relatively well developed infrastructure and service providers in road side and a few walks distance from major roads.


New Tourist

hawassa residents


If you are new visitor in Hawassa, prior information or consultations with tour guides of other who way give you appropriate information will help you to manage your stay easily. Most of accommodations are found around Piazza and Meneharia area where price rates are higher than other area. Beside accommodations, hotels and restaurants; tourist facilities and organizations can be found by asking taxi drivers look for directories for their phone number or physical address.


New Resident


Hawassa Residents

Major hotels in Hawassa and some organizations can give you information on how you can get the maximum out of the city and its natural blessings. With this regard, simple approach, light dressings and identifying major tourist areas will be an advantage.

You can use our website directory to find places or important addresses. It is common to find service providers and hotels in major roads of the city and can use local tour guides or event organizers to assist you as a team.


New Students

Hawassa New College


It is natural as  Fresh man or other level of new student, to be worried about adapting to new environment. In Hawassa , there are different opportunities to develop yourself and succeed in you academic life. There are thousand students coming to Hawassa annually with almost no reported sever difficulty. There are advisors and counselers in school to support you. For other career development or extracurricular activities, please visit our website or contact us directly.