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Night Life in Hawassa

Hawassa city is well known for its late afternoon and evening interesting weather and scene in the roads or around Lake Hawassa. You can have minutes’ walk to reach the Lake side from piazza or any part of the city and enjoy the sun set with friendly visitors around the lake. In Hawassa streets, it is common to find snacks like chips, ice creams, or other local food staff to have and walk with friends or alone.




There are hotels in Hawassa serving you late. In these hotels you can have time with your friends or be alone in the bars. Some hotels do provide standard services in evennings.



Night Clubs and Pubs

There are also number of clubs and bars that are open in the evening including traditional Masinko Houses. Bars and Pubs are mostly found in piazza area you can identify them with the crowd in the evenings commonly after 9:00 pm. In now days there are traditional and modern open air mini bars around the lake that are mostly preferred by tourists around yefikir haik area of Lake Hawassa.




There are diffent relaxing and enjoyable activities in Hawassa. You can have hotels organize campfire or other over night entertainment services around the lake side or organize it with your friends in a location that are common for capmrire and other overnight ceremonies.