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Out Door Services

Climbing & Abseiling

Climbing and Abseiling  in Hawassa


Tabor or Alamura Hill Climbing is one of the attractive outdoor activities. There are people climbing to the tip of Tabor Hill everyday for recreation, Prayer or other activity. There is also a way where you can reach the top using motor Bike or Four Wheel Drive Vehicle. From the top you can have a nice view of Hawassa City and Lake side.


Walking & Trekking


Hawassa has such beautiful and varied scenery throughout, that walking and trekking is popular at pretty much any location, even along the Lake Hawassa shore. Walks through all of the cities roadw are popular for sun rise and sunset, enjoying breezing air from the Lake and along Millennium Park and Tabor Hill areas are of great values.


Horse Riding

There are a few places in Hawassa where horse riding can be enjoyed – scenic locations and Hotel horse riding areas that can be leisurely explored on horseback. Beginners are welcome and rides will be adapted to suit ability.


Cycling & Mountain Biking


Cycling  and recreation in Hawassa

The changes in scene over relatively short distances, and the varied terrain, make Hawassa a good country for cycling. The generally good tar of the main roads allow for cycling tours over a few days, for example, along the lakeshore.



Different parts of Lake Hawassa provide varied fishing opportunities. Light tackle will cover most situations and some equipment may be available for hire at the resorts, though it’s always best to bring your own.


Quad Bikes & 4x4 Trips

With rugged terrain and some ‘challenging’ tracks once off the main highways, quad bikes and larger off-road vehicles offer a motorized way or reaching places otherwise only accessible on foot. Quad bikes are few and far areas out of Hawassa and 4x4 trips are available across some of the forested highland areas around wendogenet.


Outdoor Games


Outdoor Games in Hawassa


Outdoor Games are also common in different hotels on Hawassa where you can enjoy playing games like Football, table tennis, ground tennis and others. These places are common in resorts in Hawassa.



Photography in Hawassa


Hawassa is known for its values related to Lake Hawassa and diversified colors in ways of people are living in the city and nearby areas. The sunset and sun rises together with relaxing birds on Lake side with breezing air and water wave are highly enjoyable.


Boat Trip


Boat service on Lake Hawassa


Boat Trip on Hawassa Lake is one of the most common activities tourists participate in their stay in Hawassa. There are a number of Boats that are giving services on the Lake around Resorts or Other Associations in Amoragede, Yefikir Haik and other areas of the Lake.


Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are preferred days by most hotels in Hawassa to Serve Happy Hour services, candle nights and Campfires. Hawassa late afternoon and evening weather condition is magnificent for tourists to be engaged in outdoor activities mainly with campfire, open air bar services and cultural dances.  

Campfire in Hawassa Lake Side : Hotels