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Places to Stay


Rooms in Hawassa


There are varieties of Hotels in Hawassa with varying accommodation services. They are located in different part of the, with higher standard hotels being located in nearby areas of Lake Hawassa. The hotels offers variety of services starting from simple hotel services such as rooms, bar and restaurant to other related facilities. In Hawassa there are three resorts, Haile Resort, Lewi Resort and Gezahegn & Elfnesh Lodge. There are also higher standard hotels other than these resorts in different part of the city.

Accomodations in Hawassa


Midrange and budget hotels are found throughout the city in different locations. Facilities and service tend to vary widely. A 10% service charge and 15% room tax is commonly charged at top end hotels. Both in resorts and standard hotels at different level , accommodations vary from single room to family suite. It is advisable to review alternatives before you set one for your stay.


Currently most hotels are not efficient in online reservation and other outstanding services related to online service provision. You have to check directories or other information source so that you can find accommodations as per your need. 




camping in Hawassa


Camping is allowed in many part of the city area where you can enjoy camping with charming weather condition of Hawassa. Some hotels alongside Lake Hawassa have camping sites in protected compound ad you can check out for these facilities that have been giving the service effectively.Tents can be hired from tour companies or hotels themselves.


You can also arrange camping site on Tabor Mountain or Lake Hawassa areas in collaboration with tour guides or others who facilitate this service in collaboration with city police and other responsible bodies safely. For further information you can contact Hawassaoline.com team.


Other accommodation: 

There are different accomodation in Hawassa and nearby areas in addition to regular accomodations in Hotels and resorts



Lodges around Hawassa

Although nowhere near as well set up as its southern neighbour Kenya, Hawassa does now boast a range of luxury and mid-range lodges in many of its more popular rural destinations. At luxury lodges, the word 'luxury' should probably be taken with a grain of salt but these places are still wonderful if you want to relax for a few days amid gorgeous surroundings.

Cultural rooms in Hawassa

Unique accommodation:

 In Hawassa  there are  several traditional houses you can enjoy heterogeneous culture from residents tasting their real life in day to day interaction in community. You can benefit from unforgettable meal, Ethiopian Traditional coffee roasting and ceremony, cultural spicy unique meals with Ingera and much more. If you want further arrangements you can review our business directory or contact us, Hawassa Online team, directly.


Backpacker hotels:


Camping in Hawassa


Cheap hotels usually cater more for locals but in Hawassa and the main tourist destinations nearby staff are used to foreign visitors. Foreigners will nearly always be charged a higher room rate. There is a huge variety in cleanliness and amenities. Some of the really cheap hotels also double-up as brothels so are best avoided by single female travellers.