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Places to Visit in Hawassa


Lake Hawassa

lake Hawassa

Lake Awasa is an endorheic basin in Ethiopia, located in the Main Ethiopian Rift south of Addis Ababa. The lake is 16 km long and 9 km wide, with a surface area of 129 square kilometers 



Millennium Park


Natural Rserve/ Sanctuary- Hawassa MIllnnium Park has been kept as a reserved area since 1960's. It has an area of 75,067 square meters. It is found as the main entrance of the city from Shashemene.

Fish Market

amora gedel


The fish market or as it is locally called “Asa Gebeya” is located within the city boundaries, easily accessed by taxi or other similar transport. Marabou, Pelicans and other birds are common feasting on the remains of the fishes.



St. Gabriel Church

St Gabrilchurch

St. Gabriel Church located in the city center is a hugely popular pilgrimage destination for Ethiopian Orthodox Christians who travel to Hawassa in the months of January and July to celebrate the annual commemoration.


Tabor Mountain

tabor mountain

 It is an isolated low mountain that rises to the immediate south of Hawassa. A relatively undemanding hike from the town center or fish Market leads to the peak, which offers wonderful views over Lake Hawassa and its hinterland. 


 Wolde Amanuel Square


A Square that is named with the Statute of Woldamanuel (Duguna) Dubale, A renowned Sidama who was  Parliament member in the era of Emperor Haileselasie and is known for his Activist role among Sidama People in different regimes.  





Is a place that is used to celebrate Sidama People New Year Celebration Fiche Shashiga. The holiday is celebrated by traditional Sidama People Music and Horse Riding in this place annualy in Hawassa. 


Loke Palace

loke palace

This Palace was built and inaugurated in 1959 G.C for temporary stay for Emperor Hailesilassie. It has one big and six midium sized beautiful houses. 

Sidama Cultural Hall

sidama Cultural Hall

Sidama Cultural Hall has been inaugurated in 1984 during Dergue Regime to give variouse services. It was built to serve as Cinema and Conference for the sidences of Hawassa Town. Currently it is being administered by Sidama Zone Culture, Tourism and Government Affairs Department and it has different statues built for the memory of Sidama Patriots in adition to cultural house and drawings on the Hall and in the coumpound.


Birds Watching

Birds Watching in Hawassa


Hawassa is know for its birds watching center that are related to Lake Hawassa and the nearby fauna. There are also a number of places that can help you to enjoy Bird watching in different lake side hotels, resorts, natural reservations and nearby areas. 


Educational Institutions in Hawassa

 Visit Hawassa University


There are different Educational Institutions in Hawassa , Hawassa University bing the leading higher institution in Hawassa with the nimber of students and infrastructure dvelopment. You are welcome to visit compounds, review reasearch findings and spend your time in the insitutions for your academic visiting interest. 



Local Market

hawassa local Market

Hawassa City has two open markets where you can find variety of agricultural and other manufactured goods for local and near by area residents. Even though these open markets are working all days of the week, they are having clients and suppliers on main market days of the city: Monday and Thursday. These markets are the best places in Hawassa to buy agricultural fresh products brought from rural areas. 


Hawassa City Roads

Walking on Hawassa Roads

Hawassa City Roads can be considered to be the best roads infrastructure in Ethiopia that is ideal for walking and enjoying breezing air from Lake Hawassa and the Sunset from different parts of the city. 





Places to visit in Hawassa

There are many places you visitors for many reasons strongly advised not to miss. Recreation centers near Lake Hawassa, Alamura and Tabor Hills, Hot spring water, town walking area during late afternoons, fish market and local market are few places worth visiting. Beides, you can have woderfull time enjoying Sidama Traditional Foods and Coffe at reasonable price in different areas of the city about which you can use our business / tourist directory lists.