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Things to Do in Hawassa


Things to do in Hawassa


Hawassa is one of the fastest growing cities in Ethiopia. There are opportunities to explore and things you can do in your stay in Hawassa and Ethiopia at large. The following are points that can help you to give an insight in to activities that you can enjoy.


Historical Values:


Historical Values in Hawassa


in the country, though most visited attractions of the country are in the northern part, it is wise to consider visiting southern part history of more than 52 Ethnicities in the region. As a regional capital, it has diversified residents from different part of the region and the nation at large. Take in to consideration diversified nature of cultures, duration of time to visit and further information about the attractions you are going to visit. Palace of Emperor Hailessellassie, Sidama Cultural Hall, Woldamanuel Square, Philadelphia / Hiwot Birhan/ Church, The First Catholic Church in Hawassa/ Kidanemihret Church/, St Gabriel Church, Rahma Mosque and Villa Alpha / that was the resident house of Meter Afework Tekle/ are  commonly visited by tourists.


Exploring cultures, traditions and customs is an asset.


Hawassa Open Market

As the most culturally rich region in the country, you can plan to visit cultural attractions of the southern part of the country where Hawassa is serving as a capital. There are many cultural attractions that you can visit in different part of the region and in Hawassa. Local Coffee ceremonies, Traditional Dances, celebrations, food items, houses and farming activities, jewelries and dressings, wedding and other events are common in the region.


Outdoor activities


Outdoor activities in Hawassa


Thse are one of huge potential in Hawassa. You may consider bringing Fishing Kits, camping tools, bicycle, telescope or other accessories that can help you to enjoy outdoor services and sports. Most items used for outdoor services are not easily available in Hawassa and other tourist attractions and their price is relatively higher in local market than other countries due to higher tax rate on commodities that are labeled as luxury by revenues authority.

Attend different Events and celebrations that have Southern Color.  


Make sure that you have appropriate information about when different celebrations and events are going to be held in Hawassa so that you can be right there on the events season. You can check our events in the city here.



Planning to Volunteer


Hawassa Volunteering Opportunities

In Hawassa there are many non-governmental organizations that are engaged in different charity activities. If you have an interest for volunteering activity, you need to get adequate information about immigration policies of the country and charity organization about opportunities they may have for volunteers. In this aspect most charity organizations do not have active website and you have to review different sources about them. You can directly contact Regional or City administration Bureau of Finance and Economic Development or use our business directory to find organizations in Hawassa or contact us so that we can help you to reach them.


Planning Academic Visit


Academic Visit in Hawassa Univrsity


Hawassa University and other academic institutions in Hawassa are growing fast and are striving for collaboration opportunities, experience sharing and visiting academicians. There is a wide opportunity to get closure to these academic institutions and different scholars in various fields of study. If you are looking for research opportunity, academic visit or other areas related, Miss it not. You can visit our website for list of academic institutions or contact us so that we can give you further information you may need.



Spiritual Values

In Hawassa you can easily found different religious areas where by you can attend sermons, Participate in their celebration and engage in different religious activities. There are many religion followers who are following their religion as a tourist or residents. You may use our directory or contact us to find more information.



Meeting New People

Hawassa is one of the top with high immigration trends urban areas in Ethiopia. You can meet different people in different recreation centers and while they are being engaged in different activities. In addition, the Industry Park in Hawassa is also creating situation where by different people from different parts of the world come and engage in different activities.