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Tour Guides


Tour Guide Hawassa

Tour operating firms must receive accreditation and licensing before engaging in any of tour operation activities. A tour operating firm must satisfy the requirement set by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The first requirement relates to obtaining an operational license from the Ministry of Trade and Industry or from the Ethiopian Investment Agency. Other requirements include insurance and safety provisions for the vehicles that a tour operator uses, the skill and training of personnel, location of the tour operating firm’s office, office equipments and organization, availability of communication devices such as satellite phones, mobile phones, communication radio, camping equipments, and travel and tour packages.


Tour Operators can be found at national, regional and city administration levels. Having knowledgeable and experienced tour operator can help you get the maximum from your stay.


Beside these organizations working as tour and travel agents, there are individuals who are acting as independent tour and travel operator or guide. To identify legal tour operators you can ask for their detail information accompanied by legal documents. In addition, you can use our business directory or contact HawassaOnline Team or other responsible government office for further assistance.


Commonly, tourists recommend individuals for other tourists for new comers. But you need to have accurate information and consult responsible organizations for proper guidance and facilities.