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Tourism and Other Services


Hawassa Hotels



Tourism in Hawassa serves over 200 thousand local and foregin tourists annually. There are different historical, cultural and natural sttractions in Hawassa. However, Hawassa is prefered for weekend vaccation, Honeymoon and other short term visits in weekends.


Hawassa TOurist Attractions

Southern Route Center


The other high tourist attracting feature is its location on the south route to Arbaminch, Konso and other culturally reach areas of the country. In this route you can get relaxed by visiting natural attraction from Addis to Hawassa in areas such as Langano Lake , Abijata and Shalla National Part and other tourist attractions. In addition, there are rich natural attractions to Wondogenet and Aregash Lodge areas where  you can enjoy natural vegetation , ogranic coffee and hotsprings. As a center , Hawassa is a must to visit city on your way to southern route tourist destinatios. 


Hawassa Neighbourhood


Green and Suitable Weather for Recreation

The burgeoning hotel and tourism businesses in the city are indicators of its role as a major destination for local and international tourists. Exploring the city is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for both foreign and domestic tourists. The city is an ideal transit spot for tourism that travel between Addis Ababa, Arbaminch, South Omo, Dilla, Moyale, Jimma and Mizan Teferi roads. Some of the facts for the huge number of people to visit and even to live and invest in the city are lake, the mountains, a flat land feature and moderate climate of the city.


Hawassa Green City


The Green vegetation releasing fresh air and Hawassa Lake by which different birds and aquatic animals live give a fascinating appearance to the city. It is almost surrounded by mountains and hills; on the West, Tabor hill; in the South West, Mount Alamora almost enclosed the city.  Climbing up on the surrounding hills gives an interesting view of the lake and other natural blessings of the city.Moreover, Amora Gedel-the home of different bird species, and Gudulmale the place reserved for celebration of Sidama Cultural Holiday-‘Fitche” make Hawassa look so interesting and unique destination for tourists. Thus,exploring this city is really enjoyable for both foreign and domestic tourists.


 Reach in Cultural Values and Organic Products

As a capital of SNNPR, there have been attempts to make the color of the city to represent the nationalities in the region. To this end, the diversity of residents, construction of cultural halls, the use of cultural items in local coffee and cultural houses signifies the colors of the nations in the region. 

Local Coffee in Hawassa