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Tourist Services

Hawassa Online is striving to provide tourist and visitor related services in a timely manner to serve the infomration needs of our cutomers.


  • General Tourist Information:

This service is delivered through Hawassaonline.com website by organising contents that are reliable and timely. We are also updating contents in timely based on the nature of the information. We also collect, process and desciminate information from primary and secondary sources.

HawassaOnline Tours

  • Special Need Infomrations:

Hawassaonline has also an area to accept requests , suggestions and requests to meet specail needs of users. These needs could be regarding specific information that are not commonly found in media such for people living with physical imparment, special family arrangement and cnferences or events

Special Arrangements

  • Events Organization and Facilitation

We do offer event organization and related services for tourists or others who may come to Hawassa city. We also provide different informations to help you plan ahead with the possiblities to be done in Hawassa

Events in Hawassa