Did you know that dry skin happens because air draws moisture from the skin



Did you know that dry skin happens because air draws moisture from the skin, which tightens your skin cells, and weakens your skin’s protective barrier?


During the dry season, your skin can end up looking and feeling as bad as the weather. We want you to look and feel good throughout the year, so here are four simple ways to escape dry skin this “Bega” and the coming “Belg”


Use Sunscreen

The harmful effects of the sun can damage the skin more at higher land levels, so make sure to cover your body in sunscreen if you are planning activities outside.

Take Care of Your Hands

The skin on your hands is so thin, sensitive, and is almost always exposed. This is why it is one of the first areas that will show how your skin is damaged. Try and protect the skin on your hands by wearing gloves when cleaning with most household products, and ensure that you keep your hands moisturized.

Be careful of the material you wear

Did you know that different kinds of material, like wool, nylon and polyester, make you feel more itchy? Cotton is the best fabric option to avoid itching, because scratching damages your skin.

Trust in the power of moisturizing

We advise you to carry lotion wherever you go, so that your skin can escape being dry. Vaseline Intensive Care lotions are formulated with micro-droplets of Petroleum Jelly to lock in the body’s natural moisture, helping to keep your skin hydrated during the dry season.

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