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Information About Hawassa

Hawassa city administration has been in continuous effort to promote tourism activities in the city. These activities are supported by organizing local tour guides to support tourism activity in the city. There are also private nationwide or local tour guides who are committed to promoting tourism activities in Hawassa. For further information about tour guides in Hawassa, please use our business directory or contact us using our contact us page so that we can offer you with the information you may need as a tourist.


Tourist information

The major tourist information can be found from the city administration culture and tourism bureau. There are also publications for tourists in tourist hotels in Hawassa city prepared by promotion organizations or other business firms. There are also online business directories about Hawassa city. Our customer support team is ready to provide tourist or other information you may need in Hawassa as a tourist, residents or business owner.


Hawassa and the Surrounding Areas

Sidama and Oromia cultures are prominent in the nearby areas of Hawassa city. The people in the surrounding areas practice cultural activities in their day to day activities with traditional houses, food and sermon. Once can find these cultural settings and practices by visiting these areas to learn more about them. There are also movies produced on nearby area cultural Sidama and Oromia areas. Infomration about the near by sidama and oromia regions can be found from Sidama Zone in Hawassa and the near by Oromia regional administration offices.