Type: Multiple Items


Organization: Edget Betesfa Merchants Share Company

Dead Line: 2016-04-05


Tender Detail:


Edget Betesfa Merchants Share company is looking for potential and eligible suppliers of Engine Generator where the specification is described under and the successful bidder will be responsible for complete installation & testing.

Supply and install:-

1. Packaged Engine Generator System, with a SOUND PROOF CANOPY perkins, caterpillar or Equivalent

According to approved system, supplied, installed, connected and tested complete including enclosure bus    bars, meters, earth leakage monitoring, circuit breakers, and earthing complete all as on Electrical installation drawings. 200 KVA stand by Diesel Generating set, (G1), with prime rating, 400/230V, 3 phase, 0.8 power factor, 50HZ, 1500 rpm producing the net rated power at an altitude 2500 meters above sea level, relative humidity of 85% and ambient temperature of 35 degree centigrade, mounted on a common vibration control frame supplied with, 12V batteries, engine instrument and control panel incorporating ammeters, voltmeter, phase selector switch, engine start/ stop push button, instrument and fuses and circuit breakers complete with cable termination tropical grade wiring. Additionally 500 liters fuel tank made of 3mm mild sheet to be supplied complete with vent drain, engine feed piping and manhole on top cover. Skid mounted fuel tank, including fuel transfer pump and radiator cooling. Complete, with automatic Turnover switch (ATS) and all necessary.

Manufacturer recommended spare parts adequate for 3 years usual maintenance repairs, replacement and  wear /tear to be included in the scope of supply giving full and comprehensive list of such parts.

The supply shall include.

                Maintenance tools,

                Necessary safety guards,

                Manuals for spare parts, instruction and operation

                Fully dimensioned mounting and foundation drawing, and

                Performance warranty which should not be less than 12 months

Thus Edget Betesfa Merchants Share company invites you to submit sealed bid proposals by fulfilling the following terms & conditions.

  1. You should attach  renewed trade license, and other relevant documents
  2. The bid proposal shall comprise Technical & Financial proposals. The Technical & Financial Proposals Shall be in separate envelopes & wax-sealed (one original & one copy each)
  3. The successful bidder will be required to furnish performance security in the sum of 10% of the total offer price within 15 days from the date contract agreement signature
  4. Price validity should be 90 days from submission of bid documents (stating price validity is mandatory)
  5. The bid must be accompanied by a bid security in the sum equal to 2% the total bid amount, in the form of CPO or the form of unconditional bank guarantee issued by a recognized bank as bid security in the name of Edget betesfa Merchants share company inseparate envelope.
  6. You should state warranty, delivery time, payment terms.
  7. You should state country of origin of the equipment
  8. Sealed Technical & Financial proposals shall be placed in the box prepared for this purpose on or before Miazia 5, 2008 E.C. at 9:00 local time at the Edget Betesfa Merchants share company office at Block 2B, 3rd floor, room no 033 located around jackrose real estate.
  9. The share company reserves the right to accept or reject the bid fully or partially.
  10. For any information, you have contact tel No-0116 – 675352 or 0911 – 891848 /0911 21 8693