Type: Information Technology


Organization: Nyala Insurance SC

Dead Line: 2016-05-30


Tender Detail:


  1. Nyala insurance SC invites eligible local and international customizable off-the- shelf software suppliers for the study, supply, customization and implementation of an integrated insurance, financial and  human resource management application software that automates the company’s non-lifeinsurance, life insurance, finance /accounting, human resource management and related business functions.

  2. A complete set of bidding document can be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of birr 1,000.00 (Birr one Thousand) or equivalent amount in any freely convertible currency from, Nyala insurance S.C, ICT project office, protection house 1st floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  3. The bid must be accompanied by a bid security in an amount of 1% of the total bid price from a recognized domestic financial institution. The bid bond shall be furnished in one of the following forms: a) bank guarantee or irrevocable letter of credit. b)cashier’s payment order, or c) certified cheques.

  4. A local bidder and local agent of foreign bidder must submit a renewed current trade license, VAT registration certificate and TIN.

  5. An international bidder who does not have a local agent must submit an authorized license or certificate from the country of origin which confirms that the bidder is competent to perform as required by this bid.

  6. The attention of prospective bidders is drawn to the fact that they will be required o certify in their bids that all software is either covered by a valid license or was produced by the bidder.

  7. Bids sealed and prepare as per the instruction in the bidding document must be delivered in person to Nyala insurance SC, office of the CEO, protection House 4th floor, P.O.Box 12753, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on or before 30 May, 2016 until 3:00 pm. Late bids will be automatically rejected.

  8. The bid shall be closed on 30 May, 2016 at 3:00 pm and opened on the same date at 3:30 pm in the presence of bidders and /or their representatives who choose to attend

  9. Nyala Insurance SC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids at its own discretion. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the company if they so wish.

Nyala Insurance SC,

Protection house, miky Leland street

P.O.Box 12753, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel: 251 116 626667 Fax: 251 116 626706

E-mail: nisco@nyalainsranceSc.com