Type: Services


Organization: Awash International Bank S.C. (AIB)

Dead Line: 2016-04-25


Tender Detail:


Awash International Bank S.C. (AIB)
invites sealed bids from qualified & eligible Bidders that can supply giveaway items. The bid participants are required to fulfill the following requirements:-

1. Copy of valid and currently renewed trade license (for related business)

2. The bidder needs to present financial and technical proposal separately in wax sealed envelopes;

3. Bid Bond of 2% of the total bi price in the form of CPO or insurance guarantee in a separately sealed envelope. The bid security shall be payable on demand to AIB;

4. Bidders are expected to accompany their bid documents with samples of items they wish to supply

5. Contenders can bid on one or more items  depending on their interest

6. The detail on specifications for giveaway items can be collected from Awash international  Bank,       Planning, Research & Development Department 12th floor, behind National Theatre, at the Awash       Towers, on the right wing of the Building starting April 4, 2016;

7. The last bid document submission date shall be April 25,2016 upto 4:00PM

8. Bidders who don’t fulfill the stated requirements will be disqualified automatically;

9. AIB reserves the right to reject the bid partially or fully without assigning any reasons whatsoever.


For further information please call AIB, planning, Research & Development Department

on 011 557 0175