Type: Construction


Organization: The oromia water mineral and Energy Bureau(OWMEB)

Dead Line: 2016-06-21


Tender Detail:



  1. The oromia water mineral and Energy Bureau(OWMEB) has secured a budget from UNICEF Ethiopia (WASH Program) for  the civil work construction of chame  Tulu Emergency water supply  Improvement project, which is found in Borena zone  DugdaDawa Woreda.

  2. The OWMEB now in invites eligible bidders for the contract of civil work construction of chame Tulu Emergency Water supply Improvement project including the supply of all required materials as specified in the tender document.

  3. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding document at the bureau’s office, Bole road, 7th floor, room No.703, and P.O.Box 8630.

  4. A complete set of bidding document may be purchase by interested bidders(WC-6  and above) upon presentation of renewed relevant license for  2008 E.C. registration certificate and Tax Identification Number (TIN) together  with written application to the above office and upon payment  of a non-refundable fee of ETB 400.00(four hundred only).

  5. Bids must be submitted to the above office on or before 21/06/2016, 12:00 AM and will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representative who choose to attend at 02:30 PM on the same date at 4th floor.

  6. Bids must be accompanied by a bid bond of 1% (one percent) of the bid amount in the form of CPO or Bank guarantee.

  7. The Bureau reserve the right to reject part and/ or all bids



Oromia water, mineral and Energy

Bureau found in oromia Regional state

President office compound, Bole Road Finfine