Type: Accounting / Audit


Organization: ACDRM

Dead Line: 2016-02-12


Tender Detail:


The African centre for disaster risk management (ACDRM)board has decided the review of the centre’s external audit arrangements for the years ended 31 December 2014 and 2015 and , therefore ,the centre invites all interested firms to compete and forward a proposal for the work.


ACDRM is a centre established to support capacity building in DRM and climate change in Ethiopia and Africa. The centre also undertakes research and study in the field of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation as well as provider’s policy and strategy advice and technical support to government offices and other institutions the centre resides in AAU natural science college arat kilo campus.

Tender process

  1. The audit firms will be required to come to ACDRM office to obtain the volume of work and then submit a written technical and financial proposal until February 7/2016.

  2. After the proposals are received ACDRM will contact only short listed audit firms.

  3. The tender decision will be announced 3 days after the submission of the proposals.

The centers manager