Type: Construction


Organization: Repi Soap and Detergent S.C

Dead Line: 2016-08-15


Tender Detail:


Repi Soap and Detergent S.C invites eligible and qualified bidders for the construction of one G+4 and four blocks of G+1 buildings at its plot in Addis Ababa, Kolfe Karaniyo sub city, Woreda 04 for staff residence purpose. Therefore as per the details given below, eligible contractors can participate in the bid for the intended construction.

Bid details:

  1. Bidder shall be registered contractor of minimum grade GC/BC 4 and above having a valid certificate of competence
  2. The bidders should present copy of renewed trade license valid for the current physical year, taxpayer registration certificate and VAT registration certificate.
  3. Bidders can collect the bid document starting from the first day of this announcement from the company procurement and property Administration Department at Repi soap and Detergent S.C compound by paying non-refundable fee of 200.00 birr during office working hours.
  4. Bid documents shall be accompanied by a bid security of 50,000 (fifty thousand birr) in the form of CPO, in the name of Repi Soap and Detergents S.C.
  5. The bidders need to present their financial and technical proposals separately in sealed envelopes.

  Financial document must be submitted as follows:

                                * Material and labor cost

                                * Only labor cost where the material are supplied by the company

  1. Bid document must be deposited in the tender box prepared separately for this purpose at Repi Soap and Detergent S.C Legal officer, during working hours before 16th day (if working day) at 12:00 A.M.
  2. Bid opening shall be held in the presence of bidders or their legal representative who choose to attend on the last date of submission in the afternoon at 3:00 P.M.
  3. Failure to comply with any of the condition from (1) to (5) above shall result in automatic rejection. The lowest bid will not necessarily be accepted
  4. Bidders shall bring original documents when they are coming to buy the bid document


The company reserves the sole right to accept or reject any of the bid either partially or fully.

ADDRESS:Repi Soap and Detergent S.C     Kolfe Keraniyo sub city,  Jimma Road, Kara Kore

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia    Tel. 011 369 35 82 /29