Type: Services


Organization: Tigray Biotechnology Center PLC

Dead Line: 2016-11-08


Tender Detail:


Tigray Biotechnology Center PLC invites national & international eligible bidders who have an agent here in Ethiopia for the second time for the supply, Installation and Testing of Pure water Production Line rated capacity of 10,000 bph (600ml)

1.Competitive Bidders has to have valid certificate license, VAT registration certificate and other relevant documents.
2.Thesupplier shall submit a Bid bond amounting 2% of the bid price in the form of CPO or bank guarantee.
3.Tender detail technical specification can be collected from Tigray BiotechnologyCenter PLC Tel 0928956146 / 0914733207effective from the day of announcementagainst payment of non-refundable Birr 150.00.
4.Bid should be submitted in wax sealed and stamped envelopes on or before 21st days of the first announcement of this invitation for bid on the Ethiopian reporter upto 10:00 AM and should be address and Marked as follows:-
Tigray Biotechnology Center PLC
Tel. :- 0928956146/0914733207
Behind Sur Construction PLC
Elala, Mekelle, Ethiopia