Type: Consultancy


Organization: Melka Awash Farmers’ Cooperative Union

Dead Line: 2016-11-02


Tender Detail:


Melka Awash Farmers’ Cooperative Union need to develophuman resource policy document in order to manage their human resource effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, the union are searching for a competent consultant who could develop a contextualized human resource policy documentto their situations and who could further give advices on its implementations.

The union would like to invite eligible bidders for the preparation of human resource policy manual. Therefore, interested bidders may participate in this bid with due consideration ofthe following requirements:

a.Arenewed business license for the current Ethiopian year.

b.Tobe registered with Ethiopian tax authorities and should produce valid document including VAT, TIN, Taxclearance and MoFaED/PPA registration certificates.

c.Previous working experiences with farmers organizations, cooperatives and unions

d.All bidders shall submit a separate technical proposal showing methodologies, approaches, timelines andbudget for union.

e.All interested bidders should buy the TOR document for 100 birr from the union office which is un returnable.

f.The bid will be closed on 02/11/2016 11:00 AM G.C and opened on 02/11/2016 11:30 am G.C. in the presence of interested bidder or their representatives who choose to attend at the below mentioned office

g.Bid mustbe accompanied by bid guarantee 2% of the total price in the form of CPO.

h.All bidsthat come after opening date of the tender willbe rejected.
i.The unionpreserves the right to reject the bidcompletely or partially.

Application guidelines:Interested applicants should submit two separate sealeddocuments  that
includes technical proposal, curriculum vitae of the proposed professional(s) with supporting
document. The second document should include financial requirements.

All bids must be submitted within 
the next 10 days effective after the announcement of this bid.
Clarification/enquires can be forwarded to the
following contact
address: +251-1 3-38-38-67/+251-913-
The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the consultancywork can be collected and send application documentsto the following address: Oromia Region special zone,Sebeta Awas District Kebele 07, P.O.Box 66, Tel. No:0113-3838-67 Fax: 0113-382434 Sebeta city, on Sebeta
commercial bank of Ethiopia building second flour Melka
Awash farmers’ cooperative union office.