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Dead Line: 2017-03-06


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BRITISH COUNCIL ETHIOPIA: Invitation for Consultancy Service


Consultancy Service: Study on Preparation of National Strategy for Mother Tongue and English Language Education Development for Ministry of Education


The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations operating in more than 110 countries and territories worldwide and has been in Ethiopia for the last 71 years.The British Council, which is one of the major partners of the Federal Ministry of Education of Ethiopia, has been involved and has made contributions to the development of the education sector in Ethiopia. Currently, through the Quality Education Strategic Support Programme (QESSP) funded by DFID, British Council is supporting the Ministry of Educations on capacity building; policy dialogue and enhancing evidence-based decision making capabilities.


The Government of Ethiopia’s national vision, as articulated in the Growth &Transformation Plan (GTP 2), is to transform Ethiopia within the next decade into a country where democratic rule, good governance and social justice reign. Additionally, it has a vision of becoming a lower middle-income economy by 2025 with the role of education being to produce creative citizens that will contribute to the realization of this vision. This reinforces the need to focus on educating and training a workforce that meets the needs of industries.


The idea behind teaching English starting from grade one is to allow children to experience English language in their early ages. So they will have adequate proficiency of English skills by the time they complete their eight year primary education where they may either join the broad based agricultural and informal work force or continue their general secondary education which is taught in English. Besides, the potential advantage of being proficient in English for communications and global partnerships and for improved public diplomacy and business has been well envisioned in the education and training policy.


Considering the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic realities of Ethiopia, and being well conscious of the advantages of citizens’ being multilingual for broader employment and other opportunities in the national and international labour markets, the policy has also addressed bi-and multi-lingualism in which children should have access to learn other local languages as their second and third languages and other foreign languages such as French, Arabic and so forth based on their interest.


However, there hasn’t been a comprehensive national strategic guidance hitherto to support the implementation of the policy at grass root levels. Therefore, the Ministry of Education has decided to prepare a national strategy for mother tongue and English language education development in line with the umbrella national vision of achieving a middle income economy by 2025. As a result, this strategic activity of language education development has been planned to be accomplished as part of the second Growth and Transformation Plan and ESDPV which emphasize on improved mother tongue and English languages skill proficiency of both teachers and students.


For expedited and timely completion of the mother tongue and English language education development national strategy, it has become necessary to undertake procurement of a competent consultancy firm experienced in the development of policy, strategy and planning of mother tongue and English languages education in multilingual, multi-ethnic and multicultural countries such as Ethiopia.


British Council Ethiopia therefore invites interested service providers to submit a tender for: “Study on Preparation of National Strategy for Mother Tongue and English Language Education Development for Ministry of Education” in accordance with the Request for Proposal (RFP) Pack available from British Council’s e-Tendering portal hosted at https://in-tendhost.co.uk/britishcouncil.The following Bid Pack is available to download from the Portal:


 List of Annexes forming part of the RFP

 1. RFP- Request for proposal bid document

2. Terms and Conditions of Contract

3. Supplier Response

4. Pricing Approach

Requirements It is expected that the consulting firm will designate a team leader for this assignment. Both the consulting firm and the team leader are expected to have the following essential qualifications and experience: The consulting firm


  •  The firm must be legally registered with business license to do similar works in Ethiopia;
  •  Have extensive experience conducting high quality education sector studies preferably in an area related to similar to the study
  • Evidence of previous experience with research design, research methodology, data collection and analysis
  • Demonstrate understanding of the Ethiopian education system, policies, plans and challenges
  • Previous experience working with the public sector at least for three years
  • Able to assign a team of three (where one is a team leader) with appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to conduct the study, produce the interventional plan and lead the sensitization workshops Instructions to service suppliers
  • Proposals must be submitted via the British Council’s e-Tendering portal hosted at https://in-tendhost.co.uk/britishcouncil
  • Tenders must be received by 4:00PM, on 06 March 2017 and be valid for 3 months. Tenders submitted after the due time and date will not be accepted
  • Please contact the Programme Officer immediately via email to: Esayyas.Alemu@ et.britishcouncil.org if you cannot access the RFP and any of the other documents in the e-Tendering portal hosted at https://in-tendhost.co.uk/britishcouncil