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About HawassaOnline


Welcome to HawassaOnline.com website,


About Hawassa Online



Hawassa Online is an Internet based information portal that has its main office in Hawassa City, Ethiopia. This information portal is created and managed by Meleket Information, Advertising and Promotion in association with different partakers in our operation areas from governmental, private and none governmental organizations.


We are working towards availing information through Internet and other forms to individuals and organization on different issues . In HawassaOnline.com, you can find resources that can equip you to make better decision for education, employment, business and general knowledge, about Hawassa City Business information and other free services 


We believe in availing and promotion of local knowledge about different aspects of human life. To this end, our system is designed in a way to share information, skill , knowledge and experiences from different professions and make knowledge work for you in different circumstances you face.


The better information you have, the better decisions you can make for your life and for others too. The overall system of Hawassaonline is the output of relentless contribution of different scholars, volunteers and others from different walks of life. The website system is developed by Meleket Information, Promotion and Advertising.


We invite you to use Hawassaonline, send us feedbacks and work with us for better tomorrow and enhanced life values.


Better Information For Better Life


The Hawassaonline Team,